Africa a continent after God’s heart – Ebenezer Appiah-Kubi

Africa a continent after God’s heart by Ebenezer Appiah-Kubi

Africa, a continent after God's heart - Ebenezer Appiah-Kubi
Africa, a continent after God’s heart – Ebenezer Appiah-Kubi by

Be proud as an African but be sad as a concerned African. The hopeful continent that great Pan-Africanist once evolved and began working towards their ambitions about Panafricanism. The likes of Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Ahmed Sekou Toure of Guinea, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, and all great fallen Panafricans would think twice when allowed to unite Africa if possible once again.

The thirst for power has sidelined the great contributions of some of the above-mentioned. Political leaders of Africa today are solely interested in the title and not the toil that leads to the attainment of the title. One could observe and belittle a political aspirant who is in a race because they come before the people as lambs with huge offers yet they turn out to be leopards who snarl to leap after their expectations from the people are fulfilled.

A continent showered with all that man needs to survive and live well yet we portray ourselves as a ‘starving flock’ without a shepherd. A continent with all the great people in history but our nature today won’t be a fear for one to judge us without history. What do we think is the essence of the history of Africa that has been preserved to today for you and me to have mastery? There are leaders in our history that took risky steps for you and me to have a continent to call our home. However, it seems the generation that took over from them was immature to take such steps.

A leader who could boldly witness the struggle of his people and fail to intervene is still a leader though, but an irresponsible one.
Africa! Wake up. This is your home, this is a better place for you. The Lord himself dedicated this continent to special people of our ‘kind’. “Corruption has existed from the time of Adam” has been the comfortable quote of some irresponsible African Leaders. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse. Enjoy and live luxurious lives but remember some people voted you into power because of the trust and belief they built in you; let us not be our enemies, we are better and worth than that.

Africa is a continent after God’s heart brethren; Arise and help build Africa and the Lord would surely have mercy on us. He would rescue us from these atrocious political leaders. The good name of politics has lost its value in Africa. May the Lord heal the world and heal Africa.

The intuitional writer
Ebenezer Appiah-Kubi.

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