Africa bank loan application

Africa bank loan is an online lending app for people who needs an instant financial support.

A Personal Loan from African Bank

Your best life awaits you.

you can borrow up to R350 000 from the company with a mini interest rate,

Africa bank loan is available for helping those in need of instant financial support customisable terms, and vital cover for life’s unexpected events.


Africa bank loan application.

you can apply for this loan in Africa bank loan online portal, below is a guide on how to apply.

Apply for a Loan in minutes!

there’s also an available loan calculator you can use to know exactly how much you can borrow and the exact repayment fund.

Use our loan calculator to help you plan your loan repayments.

you can get a fast loan from Africa bank loan to help your Whether you are planning for your child’s education, building your side-hustle, or transforming your house into your home, a Personal Loan from African Bank can help.

the amount you can borrow will be between 2000 – 350,000

Please enter Loan amount between R2 000 to R350 000

Disclaimer from Africa bank loan company:

This Loans Calculator provides indicative values only. African Bank provides no guarantees or warranties on the values displayed. Only a full Loan application, on African Bank’s website, the Banking App or on Online Banking, or in other channels like our Branches and Call Centre, can provide accurate details pertaining to Loans from African Bank.

Africa bank loan contact details.

in case you want to contact the customer service agent of Africa bank loan, below are the contact details you may need.

please make your complain, compliment or questions short when contacting this customer service agent as there’s other peoples waiting for them.

you’re advised to go straight to the point when contacting this agent.



for ethics and fraud related complain, call this number below or fax line below.

Call us on: 0800 633 633

Fax us on: 0864 944 107

in case you couldn’t get them using this phone number above, you can also contact them through their email address or website 24/7 customer service agent.

below is the email address to reach out to if you have any question or complain concerning Africa bank loan

Email Us:


for compliments and complain, you can also contact Africa bank loan using this phone number below

Call us on 0861 111 011

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