An easy describing “An ACCOUNT OF THE SCHOOL FIGHT”

I Am Joshua Vincent, final year student of the school. Iam writing to give an account of the recent school fight and also
to prove john innocence to the school authorities.
it all started out as an argument in our class Senior Secondary School three Emerald. A boy named Joel had earlier
been flogged by Mr. Bright, the Biology teaclier for failing his test. An argument ensued in class about Mr. Bright’s partiality in
awarding marks in his tests. Joel accused John of not deserving the mark he got, this made John respond angrily to the
accusation they began to insult each other and Joel slapped John first while He latter retaliated. it soon became a free for
all fight when their friends waded in.
When I discovered that the situation was becoming uncontrollable, I alerted our class teacher Miss Gloria,. She tried to
put an end to the fight but they did not pay attention to her. She immediately left the class to get the Vice-principal to
intervene but before she got back. John had stabbed one of Joel’s friends The fight came to an abrupt end
Since the boy started bleeding, He was rushed to the school clinic and was latter taken to the hospital in the town.
The Vice Principal and Miss Gloria alerted the school management Joel and John were both expelled without proper
Sir, I am pleading on behalf of john because everyone knows him to be highly intelligent and respectful, These
character traits earned him the position of the school’s Chaplain Prefect. He was wrongly accused by Joel and only retaliated
by slapping back. Joel is a known bully and has never been serious with his academics. He has once been suspended
and now expelled for possession of weapons
I hope that this report would be enough proof of John’s Innocence in the fight. He has never been found in such situation
and was only provoked by Joel hope that with this, John would be recalled and reinstates as the school’s Chaplain Prefect
Thank you for your understanding and patience
Yours faithfully,

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