An easy that end with “I WISH I HAD LISTENED TO MY PARENTs”

How I wish I can turn back the hands of time but it’s rather too late now. As a young girl, I had everything going on for me
I was intelligent and from an average family. My parents ensured that I did not lack anything. I had always been at the top right
from my primary school days till secondary school. It all began when l gained admission into Maybelline University, Accra
My First year in the university was smooth and I succeeded in warding off every distraction. In my second year, I moved into
a different hostel and there, I met three girls who were a year ahead of me. The girls were Ayo, Mabet and Sharon.I noticed that
these girls were very close and they all had something in common which was unseriousness. they hardly attend lectures and
barely sleep in the hostel. I made sure that I’didn’t get too close to them or ask silly questions. To get me interested, they were
always talking about how rich they are. They flaunted new bags, shoes and assessories
on a fateful day , my curiousity got the better of me and I decided to follow them to Sharon’s bithday party. She said her
boyfriend vanted to celebrate it for her and that we will be back before night fall. Kunle her boyfriend was already
waiting outside in his car, We got to the hotel after about an hour. Iwas introduced to a young man called Daniel. We
exchanged contacts and things kicked off pretty soon between the two of us. I went to clubs several times with Danicl,
after that day
After some months,I became pregnant and I felt that Daniel would be happy about it since he promised to marry me. I visited
him in his house to inform him the same day I got tested only to meet the greatest surprise of my life. I met a young lads in his
house who introduced herself as Daniel’s fiancee. I was shocked beyond words when I heard that. To worsen the situation, Daniel
came out soon after to confim her words He denied knowing me when she asked him who I was. At that moment. I felt like
vanishing into thin air. I couldn’t even tell him wat I wanted to; I opened my mouth but words wouldn’t come out. I turmed and
went back to my hostel in shame, I took a few of my clothes and went home for the semester break.
At home, I kept vomitting and was taken to the hospital where I was confirmed pregnant. My parents were disappointed as
I didn’t even have anyone to present as the father of my child. I remembered all the christian upbringing I had as a child. Alas!
thought to myself, how I wish I had listened to my parents.

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