BFS loan Requirements

BFS loans requirements.

before you can be eligible for obtaining a loan at BFS, there are some certain qualifications you need to possess.

below are the major requirements for obtaining a loan at barko.

BFS loans requirements.

below are the basic requirements for obtaining a BFS loans.

  •  you must be a South African before you can be eligible.
  •  you must be employed for a minimum of six months.
  • you need to bring the following documents for proper verification; Original I.D Book / Passport
  •  you need to sign up as a client in barko website before you can get a loan
  •  you are required to provide your Recent 3 Months Bank Statement.
  •  Latest Payslip.

if you can be able to provide these required items, you are now eligible for obtaining a loan from BFS

BFS will then assess your loan application with the above information versus the amount you wish to get.

now that you have seen the requirements, check below to know how to sign up in order to get your BFS loans.

BFS loans online application.

you can obtain a loan from BFS website once you meet up with the requirements by signing up or logging in to your BFS client area.

below is a link you can follow in order to get your BFS loans online.


once you have meet up with the requirements above, sign up and order for your loan and it will be delivered to your account immediately.

How long does BFS take to approve a loan?

you can get your loan immediately after requesting for the loan.

in case there’s a delay in your loan delivery, the maximum period it can take before receiving your BFS loans is 48hrs.

BFS takes 2munites – 48 hours to approve a loan.

What is Barko account?

BFS is an abbreviated version of barko financial services, barko account is the account you need to create before you can be able to obtain a loan from BFS.

to ensure proper security, you need to have a client barko account.

you can get everything ready by following the BFS online application procedure provided for you above

BFS contact details.

below are the contact details you need to reach out to if you have any question or complement.

  • BFS loans Whatsapp number.

WhatsApp: 0636022676 – BFS Loans: Barko Financial Services

  • BFS Loans contact number

BFS Loans Contact Details. Phone number: 0807773777;

  • Email:,;

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