BFS online loan application – APPL HERE

BFS online loan application APPL HERE.

apply for loan at barko financial services company and get instant approval.

BFS offers loan to it’s clients with low interest rate.

if you’re interested in getting a loan from barko, below is the online application form you need to fill.

endeavour to read this article till the end as I will be showing you all the necessary informations you might need concerning BFS online loan application.

check below for the application form.

 BFS online loan application.

you can apply for loan at BFS “barko financial services” company by following the procedure below to fill the application form.

below is the BFS online loan application form you need to fill before you can be able to request for a loan.


once you fill out the form and request for a loan, you will receive your order immediately.

there are some certain qualifications you need to have before you can be able to get a loan at BFS, below I will be showing you the major requirements.

always bear in mind that you can obtain BFS loan online through their official website or offline in any of their branch office.

the first thing you need to have when applying for BFS online loan is a barko account.

barko account is inform of clients arena where you can request for a loan, calculate your loan and also contact BFS online loan customer service agent for special assistance.

below are the requirements for obtaining a loan at BFS.

 Requirements for BFS online loan application.

before you can be eligible for obtaining a loan at BFS, below are the requirements.

  1.  you must be a South African
  2.  you must be employed
  3. you need to bring your Original I.D Book / Passport for verification
  4.  provide your Recent 3 Months Bank Statement.
  5.  Latest Payslip.

these are the requirements.

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 BFS Contact details for online loan application

below are the customer service agent line you need to reach out to for any issue related to barko financial services loan.

  • BFS Whatsapp number.

contact BFS online loan for application related issue on WhatsApp through their WhatsApp number below, make your queries short and understandable as the customer service agent will be very busy in attending to other clients.

below is the WhatsApp number to reach out to

WhatsApp: 0636022676 – BFS Loans: Barko Financial Services

  • BFS Loans contact number.

reach out to barko financial services customer service agent for any issue regarding your loan application.

BFS released some numbers you can call or send SMS to for special assistance concerning your loan application.

below are some of the contact number.

in case you couldn’t get in contact with any of the numbers, you can try sending your complain or complement through WhatsApp.

Phone number: 0807773777;

  •  BFS Email address

there’s an email address you can reach out to for any issue concerning barko financial services loan application.

below is the email address available for you,;


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