busiest markets in Nigeria

markets in Nigeria
the busiest markets in Nigeria

Nigeria is popular known as center for Commercial activities in Africa.
there are numerous international markets located in Nigeria especially in the Lagos part of Nigeria
let’s discuss some interesting facts you should know about some of international and national markets in Nigeria.
there are numerous markets located in Nigeria , some of this market take place every four days while some are daily markets like those at Lagos State

List Of The Markets In Nigeria
as stated above, there are numerous markets in Nigeria, here, we focus only on the list of the busiest markets in Nigeria.
the top busiest markets in Nigeria are.

Alaba international market.
Alaba international market is the largest, busiest and most developed market in Nigeria.
alaba international market is located in the Southern part of Nigeria, Lagos State.
Lagos State is the centre for commercial activities in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, this alaba is popular for all international traders in Africa .
traders in alaba international market deals with some many varieties of goods like food stuff, building material, Oil and gas, motor and machine parts and many others.
this is the the base for import and export traders in Nigeria.
alaba international market is a place almost all the traders in Nigeria dreams to stay in the future.

Oshodi Lagos State market.
Oshodi Lagos State market is located in Lagos State, just like alaba international market, this is a very busy market though less busy than alaba.
traders in oshodi Lagos State market deals with both foriegn and local goods, they import goods from foriegn countries like china and supplies to differents markets in Nigeria and also export some Nigeria export goods to countries like Cameroon, Ghana and Togo.
Oshodi Lagos State market is the second most busiest market in Nigeria

Onitsha main market.
Onitsha main market is located in the Eastern part of Nigeria, this is the third biggest market in Nigeria and the biggest in the Eastern part of Nigeria.
traders from different parts of eastern part of Nigeria buy goods from this market and trade in their various States like Enugu, Ebonyi, imo, Kogi, Benue, Abia and Delta State.
Onitsha main market is the number one supplier of clothing materials, plastic products and many others home items like pots, fridge, television, bed, etc, in Nigeria.
Onitsha main market is the second most popular market in Nigeria after alaba international market.

ariaria main market.
Ariaria main market is created in the year 1972, currently, this market have over two million traders.
Ariaria main market is located in aba, Ebonyi state in the Eastern part of Nigeria.
this market is normally called the china of Nigeria as they manufacture so many varieties of goods, they are popularly known in Nigeria as the traders here tend to design a Nigeria version of any foriegn product they see
Ariaria main market is the best supplier of lather foot wear in the whole west Africa.

Ogbete Enugu state market.
Ogbete market is located in Eastern part of Nigeria, Enugu state.
this is one of the most populated market in Nigeria, ogbete main market is the biggest market in Enugu state.
this market is located at the capital of Enugu state, “Enugu”
this is a local market where traders focus only on local goods, this market is the best organised market in Nigeria.
traders in ogbete main market is the best suppliers of products like food stuff in the whole Nigeria.

Ogige/ikpa Nsukka main market
ogige/ikpa Nsukka main market is located in Enugu state, eastern part of Nigeria, ogige main market is a separate market likewise ikpa but the two market is not far from each other, peoples believe that in the next few years, this two markets will meet and become one as it’s fast growing in size and population.
traders in ogige/ikpa main market depends on mega markets in Nigeria like alaba international market, oshodi Lagos State market and Onitsha main market for goods.
traders in ogige main market deals with items like phone, motor and machine parts while those at ikpa Nsukka market deals with food stuff only, people from different parts of Nigeria like Kogi state, Benue state and anambra state depends on ikpa Nsukka market as their primary supplier of food stuff.

Nnewi nkwo market.
Nnewi nkwo market is located in nnewi, anambra state of Nigeria.
this is the second largest, busiest and most developed market in anambra state, it’s also the third most popular market in South-East part of Nigeria after Onitsha main market and ogbete main market.
In Nnewi nkwo market, market activities takes place only once in every four days, they make use of Igbo calenders where four days make one week.
among all the whole markets in Nigeria,
Nnewi nkwo market is the main supplier of motor and machine parts in Nigeria

Ogidi building material market.
ogidi building material market is located in anambra state, eastern part of Nigeria.
Ogidi building material market, just like the name sounds is a very popular market in Nigeria where traders based only in building material.
traders in ogidi building material deals with both foriegn and local goods, they import foriegn building material and export Nigeria producing building material products to other countries.
Among all the market in Nigeria, ogidi building material market is the primary market for building material products in Nigeria as traders from all parts of Nigeria buy building material from this market.

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