Creative writing: compile a good creative writing

Creative writing

It is important that you acquaint yourself with some basic issues relevant to such writing Your

creative writing can be in any of the following areas:


poetry or


These are known

as the three main branches of literature.

Let us briefly recall what they are.


Branches of literature



Prose is any writing or composition that is not in verse form but in a direct, straightforward

arrangement, usually in paragraphs and chapters with the aim of telling a story.

As a result, the main purpose of prose is to tell a Story to relate a particular experience to us,

using different characters.



Poetry is a composition in verse form. It puts human teelings and aspirations into words.

Poetry expresses powerful emotions as it permeates all aspects of human knowledge.

In poetry, we see the noble thoughts of Man and the serious questions he often asks about

himself and the environment of his existence.

Poetry is arranged in stanzas and lines.



Drama is the branch ot literature where people take on characters and act in imitation of real-life situations.

Drama is designed to be acted

on stage by actors and actresses, before an audience, with the sole purpose of teaching a particular experience or the serious lessons of


Drama is arrarnged in acts and scenes.


Some other terms inherent in creative writing which you should also know are

plot,setting, theme, character, characterisation, mood, tone, diction, figures of speech. Knowledge of these will help you, not only in your appreciation or

literature but also in your dealings with issues relating to creative writing. You have learned

about a good number of them from your studies of literature. We shall, however, handle them

in a few sentences to familiarise you with their positions in creative writing.


We refer to them

as the elements ot literature.


Elements of literature


In creative writing, the plot is the pattern or the structure of the literary work. Put differently,

it is the arrangement of the events of the literary work to develop the theme. Therefore, when you start your creative writing, all your

carefully thought out plans for showcasing the actions and reactions of the people in your story

are the plot of your work.



The setting of your creative work is the environment and the conditions against which the characters in a story live and move. it involves the geographical location, the

Occupation and daily manner of living of the characters, as well as the period during which the action occurs.



The theme ot your creative writing is its subject matter the central message you want to deliver

to your readers. In other words, we ask such

questions as:

What do you, as a creative writer, want your reader to understand trom your writing?

What message do you want to deliver?

What is the subject matter ot your story?

The answer to these questions gives us the theme of your writing



A character in creative writing means a being who participates in the action of the story, as

created by the author. Note that this could be a human being, an animal, etc. that the author created for the purpose of delivering

the message of the story.


take note of Lakunle in Wole Soyinka’s The Lion and the Jewel and Brother Jero in The Trials of Brother Jero.



Characterisation is the manner of exposing the imaginary beings created in your writing so that they appear to your readers as if they

really exist.



While mood refers to the way one feels (good,bad, etc.), tone refers to the way one’s voice sounds.

Mood is the feeling, but tone expresses the feeling. Mood is the expression of the emotional attitude of the author towards the

subject. In your creative writing, the mood is revealed partly through the words you choose to express your ideas and the selection of your


Tone in creative writing corresponds

to the tone ot the voice of a speaker.

This may be pleasant, apologetic, angry, sorrowful, humorous, etc.




Diction is used to refer to a writer’s careful and correct use of words.

As a creative writer, you have good diction if you can select the words

you need for your writing accurately and carefully with a view to portraying the exact

meaning you want your readers to understand.


Figure of speech


This is another element of literature It is used in creative writing to make clear and Vivid descriptions so that they seem like real life.

Figures ot speech, when properly used, help the creative writer to present ideas in concrete form. Besides, the adequate use of figures of speech adds beauty and dignity to writing thereby making it appear graceful to readers who feel the intensity of its effects.

Generally, a figure of speech is use

deliberately by a speaker or writer to effect a change in the use of words, phrases or sentence to achieve strong feelings or thoughts from the listiner Or readers that ordinarily could not have been obtained through the ordinary use of words

there are many figures of speech, most of which you have learned about from your literature classes.

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