easy way to pass WAEC and NECO examination

easy way to pass WAEC and NECO examination.

WAEC and NECO examination is among the hardest exam awaiting all the secondary school students in West Africa.

WAEC is one of most valuable examination in Nigeria, this exam is also know as SSCE examination, it shows that a student has finally finished the secondary school level.

NECO is an alternative to WAEC is the examination is very hard, some students who pass WAEC can replace their WAEC certificate with their NECO cert.

about thirty percent of students who write WAEC examination fails every year, this is because they do not know the perfect preparation method for the examination.

fortunately, I will show the steps to follow if you want to pass your WAEC and NECO examination without much stress, things to do, how to study and Area to concentrate more when planning to write WAEC examination.

easy way to pass WAEC and NECO examination without much stress.

here are what all the students who wish to write WAEC examination should do in order to be successful in the exam.

simple guide for WAEC and NECO examination candidates.

  • 1. start preparing as early as possible.

WAEC examination is very tough, you need to start preparing for the examination as early as possible if you really want to succeed in the exam.

fortunately, all the students knows fully well that WAEC examination is awaiting them, both those in junior secondary and those in senior secondary school.

you need to start preparing for WAEC latest on your SS 1 class, cover all your scheme of work and make sure you can answer any WAEC question giving to you from the SS 1 scheme.

for students in SS 3, your last class in secondary school is an exam class, start as early as possible to prepare for the exam,

  • cover all your scheme of work.

WAEC examination is to test your qualification, to examine weather you are really qualified to leave secondary school.

all the questions you will see on the exam day must be from your scheme of work, WAEC and NECO board does not set any questions aside the one in your scheme.

if you can manage to cover your scheme of work, to read and understand all the topic in your scheme of work both your SS 1, SS 2 and SS 3 scheme, your WAEC examination will be very easy for you.

actually, most the teachers can not finish the topics in their scheme for the whole set, it is left for you to find out those topics and learn them by yourself, WAEC will assume that you already finished those topics when setting the examination for you.

  • study WAEC and NECO past questions.

studying past questions is one of the trick for passing WAEC examination.

all WAEC candidates should know this, “WAEC and NECO repeat past question” Yes, the repeat questions from one written by other season.

WAEC board know fully that students is already aware of how they repeat questions but they do that in purposes.

they expect you to read and understand all the questions written by ex candidates, knowing the questions very well gives you a high chance of passing the exam.

WAEC examinatoin past questions can be found in the Market or even online, you can download the past question online and study them when planning to write your own.

do not cram when reading the past question because cramming will only waste your time, the questions are not repeat as you see it in the past question, The options will be changed, also they may replace the questions with it’s opposite which if you only crammed it, you will be getting the wrong answers.

read the past question with your text book, note book, dictionary and jotter.

check any confusing word in the dictionary, jot down the important points and use your text book to Cross check the answers.

  • check the examination syllabus.

the board of NECO and WAEC use to release the syllabus for any year examination in few months before the exam.

studying According the scheme in the syllabus gives you a high chance of passing the examination.

normally, all the questions they set must come out from that syllabus, that means if you manage to study the syllabus and comprehend it, you will definitely pass the exam.

  • do not rely on malpractice.

no serious students rely on exam malpractice, if you want to pass your WAEC and NECO examination, do not rely on exam malpractice.

there is been a high rate of malora recorded in both WAEC and NECO examination, for this reason, any candidate who is found in the act of examinatoin malpractice is seriously risking loosing his/her result.

the board meeting of West Africa examination council in Nigeria has concluded that any examination centre, find in the act of examinatoin malpractice will have their exam results for that year cancel.

there is no valuable benefit of examinatoin malpractice, the candidate is expecting to get a result of what he/she didn’t work for, if you really want to pass your WAEC and NECO examination, abstain from any kind of exam expo or runs.

  • creat a reading time table.

every serious students have a reading time table, if you’re planning to write both WAEC and NECO examination, create a reading time table for yourself.

a time table will help you to make a wise usages of your Time, it will help you to properly utilize any seconds you have for something very important.

time table helps you to read effectively, daily and accordingly.

in your reading time table, perfectly scheme the time for all the subjects that you have to write in your examinatoin.

  • avoid distraction during the exam.

avoid any kind of distraction during your WAEC and NECO examination, prepare for the exam and fucose on what you are doing.

distraction may come from any of this following things: coming to the examination late, writing exam in a noisy area, coming to the exam Hall without the fully required items, engaging in any kind of malpractice.

if you want to pass your WAEC and NECO exam, be on the examination Hall on time, Carry all the required items ( calculator, pen, pencil and drawing Instruments ) when entering the hall to avoid distraction, do not in any way engage yourself in kind of exam malpractice, it does more harm than good.

if you really follows all this guide, success is yours in your WAEC and NECO examination.

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