Edgars WhatsApp number CONTACT

if you’re interested in contacting Edgars customer service WhatsApp number, there is now an available phone number to reach out to.

there is an email address available for those who want to send their complains and complements via email.

check below for the number.

Edgars WhatsApp number 2022.

in order to get in contact with their customer service agent on WhatsApp, below are the WhatsApp number for you.

CALL this number below for issues concerning Edgars services: +263-029-2881626/35 

the customer service agent in charge of this number provided above is available from Mon-fri 8am-6:30pm sat 9am-12pm.

the line may not be available on a work free day.

you can also send an email to Edgars customer service email address below for a special assistance concerning Edgars services. check below to see the email.

E-MAIL: info@edgarsstores.co.zw ;

or Whatsapp

for contacting Edgars agent through WhatsApp, below are the two available WhatsApp Numbers for you to reach out to.

send hi to “0860 111 343” on your cell phone and available customer service agent will assist you with your issues on WhatsApp.

second WhatsApp number.

If you have any questions about this amazing opportunity you can also send a WhatsApp message to this number below.

+263 782 780 780

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