Formal letter writing

Formal letters
There are two major styles of setting out a
business letter. They are:
the blocked style
the indented style.

The blocked style of letter shown on page
60 is generally accepted for business letters.
But, for purposes of your examination,
adopt the indented style on page 61 with
the complimentary close near the right
hand margin. Make sure that you achieve
proficiency in its use. Regular practice will
give you an advantage over other students
in the same examination.
The appearance of your letter is important.
You must ensure the letter is neat and its
contents are well-arranged. Taking time
to make an excellent letter is a courtesy to
the person you are writing to. It creates a
good impression.
On no account must you write a business
letter in pencil
Use good quality paper.
Good handwriting is essential. Writing
carefully without being in a hurry will
help you achieve this. You may decide to
type your letter. But you know already
that this is not possible for examinations.
Therefore learn to write very neatly,
making sure the letters of every word
are clear. Bad handwriting comes from
writing too quickly.

Indented Style
Iwrife to present to you a sample of a letter written in the indented style and a description of the main
features of this form. This is the style that was in use before the introduction of the blocked style. It is
the style to which many people are familiar with.
The sender’s address, as usual, is at the top right-hand side of the writing sheet. It is written in the
blocked form and may or may not be punctuated depending on the choice of the writer
The date comes after this address with a space of one line separating it from the address. The date
is punctuated only if the address is punctuated.
The receiver’s address is on the left-hand side of the writing sheet. It is also fully punctuated if the
cdress of the receiver is punctuated. The purpose is to maintain consistency in the form chosen by the
Immediately after the receiver’s address is the salutation of the letter. The salutation is followed by
a comma like what we have in the blocked style. It is, like in the blocked format, aligned to the left- hand
The title of the letter comes after the salutation. It is centred above the main body of the letter.
The title may be written in capital letters or in initial capital letters. If it is in capital letters, there is no
heed for the underline. But the underline is important when it is in initial capital letters, as we have in this
The title of the letter is followed by the body., which bears the message for which the letter is intended.
As in the blocked style, it is written in parographs, but unlike the blocked style, there is no space separating
e paragraphs. Rather, the first line of each paragraph after the first one is indented.
Finaly, there is the complimentary close. It is either centred under the body of the letter or placed
hear the right-hand margin of the lefter.
Yours faithfully.

Dear Sir
Fully blocked style
I write to present the format of this letter to you as an example of the style which our Senior Writers Club
has introduced for use in the Writers Club generally. It is today the most current style of writing business
letters. The layout is standard.
The most obvious feature of this current style is that the features of the letter are justified to the left-
hand side, as shown in this letter. The first sentence of every paragraph and all other sentences of the letter
are also aligned to the left. Punctuation of the two addresses is optional
As already indicated above, the layout is standard. A single line space separates one paragraph from the next,
There is also a single line space between all the features of the letter. This is the acceptable method of spacing
in the blocked style. There is no indentation of any kind: space is used to differentiate paragraphs instead
Please find enclosed copies of current memos from the head office where this style is used.
It would be appreciated if you would recommend the use of This style during our next meeting, for use in oll
official correspondence of the club.

letter of appreciation, an example of a business letter.

Professor of English,
Nnamdi Azikiwe University.
Anambra State,
Dear Madam:
I Tunmise Adepoju. the daughter of Mr B H Adepoju. I am writing formally to appreciate you for the gift
you sent to me. I an very grateful ma because I was not expecting it.
Although, I needed money as at that time but I was not expecting it from you and you made it a surprise
package. We are having our juvenille harvest on 28th of August and we are planning to buy some clothes and
also donate some money. Before the money was delivered to me a trader selling shoes come to our house and
with this money given to me, I am planning to buy the shoe because I know it will be useful for me
However, I wish to use this medium to draw your attention to something which is that I will be glad
if you can invite me to your university I wish you success in all you lay your hands upon Thank you ma.

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