“Gold digging; our nation’s headache” – The cries of Ghanaians

“Gold digging; our nation’s headache” – The cries of Ghanaians

“Gold diggers; our nation’s headache” – The cries of Ghanaians
“Gold diggers; our nation’s headache” – The cries of Ghanaians by Ebenezer Appiah-Kubi – mymediajourney.com

The wailing voice of a concerned citizen today is a result of not a personal course but a result of putting the nation at heart. The dogs who were entrusted to keep the meat are the very ones cooking meals with the meat. A period where some citizens would choose quick money over healthy and worthy life. The aquatic pride of Ghana is gradually fading away. The healthy and lifeful waters that were preserved for our generation are now a waste for this same generation; what would the posterity boast of? How would the spawn from us survive?

What a pleasure it is for the country of Ghana to generate income through the utilization of the mineral resources given abundantly unto us by the Creator. However, it becomes a headache, wrong, and greed when a natural resource is to be destroyed by all means to acquire other resources that will generate income. Unlawful ‘Gold digging’ locally known as “Galamsey” is the problem, my people.

Tano river, a lifeful begotten water of the Bono is now transforming into a wasteful source of water. The greed for money gave such unworthy citizens no other means but to destroy the pride of the Bono Region. What went wrong leaders of Bono? Were you tricked or ignorance is to be blamed?

Offin River, once a great source of life for the great people of Dunkwa-On-Offin is nowhere near pride. “Galamsey” has tricked you to choose wealth over life. What do you think the Holy Book meant when it stated “when you have life, you have everything”? That life of yours cannot be an assurance now. The great river Offin is not the same as the river you boasted of yesterday, it is being destroyed today.

River Bonsa is one of the points of pride of the West. Tarkwa a prestigious people with all it takes to be blessed is no prouder of Bonsa. Bonsa is gradually fading, and the wealth and worth of the river are almost gone. The love of gold wealth is the cause and the river couldn’t destroy itself but the inhabitants did.

The good people of Wiawso, can you answer when being questioned about the state of River Ankobra now? The river that has been a good source of life for you cannot be used for a mere washing now? Were you off guard or do you blame ignorance?

If water is now considered an expensive product to afford, then Ghana as a country should see deep into the future and cry deeply because our generation is destroying all hopes. The dust has been thrown into the eyes of the citizens all this while by politicians who stoop low to conquer us-acquiring our votes but lay in wait like a leopard waiting anxiously for its prey on a hot hungry day. The dogs who were entrusted as the keepers of the meat are now the very chefs cooking with the meat.

As a concerned citizen, this should be a headache and a worry. Our water bodies are now turned into main sources of gold. The implications? There would be no more safe waters in the country.
Can we just watch and let our pride and life be washed away? You and I know the right thing; Why don’t we rise and preserve our water bodies? It is never too late until there is no trace of water; this is our home and so our resources must be worth it. Leaders, this is the time to prove your worth, the waters life matters.

Youths of Africa and Ghana in particular; this is the time to prove your worth as concerned citizens. Let promise ourselves that no matter how difficult things may be in the country, we would never betray ourselves into destroying our water bodies in the name of wealth. Acquiring wealth is never as difficult as preserving worth. Let’s stand firm and legally oppose any authority or power that will rise against our Aquatic Life. May God help us all in this fight against illegal mining on our water bodies. We uphold to defend the good resources of Ghana from illegal miners.

The Intuitional Writer
Ebenezer Appiah-Kubi

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