Held or withheld WAEC result release date

Held or withheld WAEC result release date: see the date WAEC announced to release all the result they held or withheld this year.

Are you among those whose WAEC results were held or withheld this year? Are you looking for an update for your friends or family?


I will be giving you all the information you need about this year’s held or withheld WAEC result release date.


If you’re among those whose results are withheld or held, do not panic. That doesn’t mean that your result is cancelled or that you have failed.


For some certain reasons, WAEC officials decided to postpone the release of some students’ results.


Do you know the reason for this unexpected result?


If many students don’t know the reason why WAEC decides to withhold their results, let me start by explaining it to you. If you already know, you may skip this part and go straight to the release date part.



What’s the meaning of “held or withheld” waec result?


Let me explain what it means for you.


This statement “your WAEC result is withheld” means that WAEC noticed something suspicious about your results there by making them examine your results carefully before releasing them to you.


During this process, WAEC will check the exam in a special way to confirm whether the school engaged in exam malpractice or not.



Why is my WAEC result showing  held or withheld when I check it?


The major reason why the WAEC examination board will hold any school or candidate’s WAEC result is because of examinatoin malpractice, of which the following acts below are the summary.


  • Candidates bringing unessential books or cribs into the examination hall are


  • Insulting or assaulting any examination official, especially during the examination,


  • Swapping of scripts in an examination hall, both question papers and answers scripts


  • replacing their answer scripts with another one during or after the examination or submitting the run scripts.
  • Impersonation

Impersonation means writing WAEC examinations for another candidate, no matter what the reason may be. This is an act of exam malpractice because WAEC expects each and every candidate to write the examination on their own.


  • Taking part in mass or organised cheating or expo.



held or withheld WAEC result release date.

According to the WAEC official website and social media handles, all WAEC results have been released except for those whose results are outstanding, held, withheld, or cancelled.


Can held results be released.


am glad to tell you that your held or withheld WAEC result can be release

if your WAEC result is held, your held Result will be release, it will only take a short period of about three months.

during that season your result is held, WAEC examine the results and fish out those that engaged in malpractice then they release the result of those that did not.


issue discussed on WAEC NEC Meeting on held result

the issues discussed by WAEC Nigeria examinatoin council about held or withheld WAEC result release date reads Below.

“we marked some results as held in order to look into some suspicious activity carried out in those centres, the result is currently undergoing scrutiny and will be release as soon as we finish.”


 held and withheld GCE result release date.


if your own case is GCE ( general certificate examinatoin), your results will take the same procedure as normal WAEC SSCE Result.


In the case of outstanding WAEC results, you can check them here to be updated whenever WAEC makes an announcement regarding outstanding results.




All held and withheld WAEC results are currently not released.


WAEC is still doing the required job to find out every detail about those results.


Once the results are released, I will update this post and show you how to check those held or withheld results.


If you’re among those whose results are withheld or held, the only thing you need to do now that your result is not released is to keep checking the latest information about WAEC results and keep asking your fellow candidates whose results were held also.


For those on Twitter, you have to follow the update release by WAEC through their official Twitter account. You can also follow their official website for the latest news and information about your results.


Other issues related to  held or withheld WAEC result release date



outstanding WAEC results.


Some students face the issue of outstanding WAEC results when checking their results. You can check all the details about outstanding WAEC results using the link below.




No Result for this candidate in this specific exam season ”

Some students face the issue of having no result when they are checking their WAEC result. You can read all the details about this issue using the link below.



I hope you have found what you were looking for, if you still have any other questions, feel free to comment below.


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