How to check my junior WAEC examination result 2022 ( BECE Result )

How to Check My Junior WAEC Examination Result 2022 (BECE Result)

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) is an examination formed by the five English-speaking countries of West Africa.

  1. Nigeria
  2. Ghana
  3. sirealone
  4. Gambia and
  5. Cameroon


The WAEC examination is divided into two types: SSCE for senior secondary students and BECE for junior secondary students.


The WAEC examination (SSCE) is for students in their senior secondary school class, SS3. This examination is available in those five countries, while the BECE is only available for students in Nigeria and Gambia.


How do I check the status of my junior WAEC results?


It is now very simple to check your BECE examination result as the examination board has provided three ways of checking the result.


Here are ways you can check your junior WAEC result.


  • using the junior WAEC scratch card.
  • through your school.


How to check my junior WAEC result using my WAEC scratch card.


Checking your WAEC result with your WAEC scratch card is the easiest and fastest way to get your WAEC result once it is released by the junior WAEC examination board.


The WAEC card is a card given to you during your WAEC registration for both junior and senior WAEC. It replaces your WAEC identification card. This card is available for both students, whether you are writing the junior WAEC or the senior WAEC.


The primary purpose of giving you this WAEC card when writing BECE is to check your examination.


Here are the steps you need to follow when checking your junior WAEC result using your WAEC scratch card.


  • Scratch the front side of your junior WAEC card.


This series of numbers is written on the card. This number is your junior WAEC result checking PIN.


  • Get your WAEC reg number ready.


Your WAEC reg number can also be found on your scratch card. This WAEC reg number is your registration. It contains your WAEC center number and your seat number. If your center number is 23431 and your WAEC seat number is 34, your WAEC reg number will be 2343134.


  • Take them to any nearby cyber cafe.


After getting your reg number and pin number ready, the next thing to do is to find any nearby cyber cafe near you and ask them to print your result for you.


This service will cost you 200 naira, though it is cheaper than checking directly from your school.


What should I do if I lose my junior WAEC scratch card?


this junior WAEC scratch card is very essential especially for checking of your WAEC result, in any case, if you lost your junior WAEC scratch card, here are what to do.


Meet your examination officer and explain your problem to him.


BECE’s board of directors provides a spare card to each candidate who registered for the examination; the cost of the card is included in the junior WAEC examination fee you paid when you registered.


If by any chance, the examination officer of your school fails to give you the second one, you can wait for them to give you the official result by themselves.


How to check my junior WAEC examination result at my school?


one the junior WAEC examination result comes out, the board of directory will shift the candidates result to their various exa center.


This method is used for students who are not in a hurry to see their WAEC result.


your school will bring the result for you if you’re a candidate, this service will cost you one thousand naira only, this money is for Checking and printing your result for you, designing and other work done on the result which makes it look official.


if you can check your WAEC result using the scratch card provided for you by the WAEC examination result board, you may leave this one with the school as the two result is the thing,


There are important things to know when checking your WAEC result this year (2022).


If you’re among the students who write the BECE examination this year, here are some things you should know when checking your WAEC result.


  • Protect your scratchcard at all cost.


Your scratch card is your WAEC checking card. Keep it safe. You can hardly get another card once you lose the one you have.


  • Both the results the school gives you and the ones you check by yourself are the same.


  • You cannot enter senior secondary schools without your junior WAEC examination result.


  • You will repeat your WAEC examination if you can’t get the required grades.


System of junior WAEC result grading

WAEC Grading Scheme and Interpretation (by Percentage)


Below is the interpretation of the junior WAEC grading scheme. This is the grade you will come across when you get your WAEC result.


They range from A-F.


What does the interpretation of these WAEC grades really mean?


  • A1 is excellent. This shows that your score is between 75% and 100%.


  • B2 is very good. It shows that your result is between 70% and 74%.


  • Also, B3 is good. It shows that your result is between 65% and 69%.


  • C4 is credit. It shows that your result is between 60% and 64%.


  • C5 is credit. It shows that your result is between 55% and 59%.


  • C6 is credited. It shows that your result is between 50% and 54%.


  • D7 is a pass. It shows that your result is between 45% and 49%.


  • E8 has also been approved. shows that your results are between 40% and 45%.


  • Lastly, F9 is Failure. It shows that your result is between 0% and 39%.


The summary of the WAEC grading will be visible when checking your WAEC result.


F9, 0%-39 (failure)


E8, 40-45 (pass)


D7, 45-49 (pass)


C6, 50—54 (pass)


C5, 55–59 (with credit)


C4, 60–64 (credit).


B3, 65–69 (credit)


B2, 70-74 (excellent)


A1, 75-100 (excellent).

Problems you may encounter when checking your junior WAEC result and solution to tackles them

There have been some issues some students face when checking their junior WAEC examinatoin result which I will list for you here, together with the solution to solve such problem.

Held junior WAEC result

Some students face the issue of held junior WAEC result, this is not something to worry too much about if you didn’t indulge in a serious malpractice as WAEC only held the result of those who cheat.

If you’re among those whose WAEC result get held, the solution to follow is just; try and be in a place where you will be getting the information about your results.

Cancelled junior WAEC result

Some students Result get cancelled every year, this is due to one reason or another which is mostly due to malpractice also.

If you are among those whose junior WAEC examinatoin result got cancelled, the only solution is for you to enroll in junior WAEC GCE examinatoin.

FAQ on how to check my WAEC result using a phone ,


Is it possible to check my WAEC results on my phone?


Yes, you can use your phone to check your WAEC results.


Can I get another WAEC scratch card if I lose my own?


Yes, you can get another through your school examination officer.


If you have any question concerning this topic, please comment below.

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