How to check your junior WAEC exam results without scratch card

How to Check Junior WAEC Exam Results Without Using a Scratch Card

If you write a junior WAEC exam and you can’t find your scratch card, do not worry too much.

You can easily check your junior WAEC results without the use of scratch cards or pins.

In this post, I will explain to you how you can check your junior WAEC exam result without using any scratch card or pin.

what is result checking scratch card?

in case you don’t know what result checking scratch card is, see the meaning below.

The scratch card is your junior WAEC examinatoin identification card. It’s a free card given to all junior WAEC candidates for identification and also for the purpose of checking their results.

Your junior WAEC scratch card contains the following things:

  • the name of the candidate
  • passport
  • unique identifier
  •  WAEC pin
  •  any other information you may require to check your results

How to Check Your Junior WAEC Exam Result Without a Scratch Card

In order to check your junior WAEC exam result without a scratch card, follow this process.

1.Move to your school or the center where you wrote the exam.

2. Consult with your exam officer or principal.

3. Request your results and include the year of your exam.

4. Make a payment for the collection of the results.

How to check junior WAEC results online without a scratch card.

If you’re not able to follow the procedure above to check your junior WAEC examination result without your card, checking your result online can be done only with the scratch card.

If you’re in a rush to see your junior WAEC result, the only option left for you is to purchase a new scratch card online and use it to check your junior WAEC result.

You can only purchase the pin safely on the WAEC official website.

There’s no code for checking your junior WAEC result online without a scratch card.

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