How to create, retrieve or Use Airtel me2U transfer pin.

How to create or retrieve an Airtel me2U transfer pin.

Airtel service has done an amazing job for their subscribers by creating me2U, which allows you to gift data to your friends and family.

Some people have problems transferring airtime on Airtel because of their me2U transfer pin.

Did you forget your transfer pin? Did Airtel bar your line from transferring airtime? Is this the first time you’ve used an Airtel me2U pin?

No matter which side your case falls into, this blog post will give you an answer to your questions and a solution to your me2U pin issue.

How to create an Airtel me2U transfer pin.

An Airtel me2u transfer pin is a pin you have to use whenever you want to share your Airtel airtime with other people.

A message telling you that you can create a me2U transfer pin is a lie.

You cannot create a transfer pin, but rather you change the default PIN.

All Airtel users have a transfer pin, whether you have shared Airtel with people or not.

Airtel automatically creates a transfer pin for users. The pin is 1234.

If you have tried to share Airtel airtime with someone and Airtel requested you to provide a me2U transfer pin, your pin is 1234 by default.

The only thing you can do is to change this pin from 1234 to a more confidential code.

In the next section, I will be giving you the procedures to follow in order to change your Airtel transfer pin.

How to change your Airtel ME2U transfer pin.

As I have told you earlier, Airtel set the transfer pin of every subscriber to 1234.

This pin is not useful as everyone knows your pin and people can transfer your airtime without your approval if you don’t change the pin.

To change your Airtel me2u transfer pin, below is the simple procedure to follow.

On your phone dialer, press this USSD code below with your Airtel line.

  • Dial *432#
  • Select option 3, which is pin management.
  • Select option 1 to change your pin now.
  • Enter your old pin (1234 for new users)
  • Enter your new pin number.
  • Re-enter the new pin again for confirmation.

Now press send and you will change your Airtel me2u transfer pin instantly.

Also, you can archive this by dialing this code straight up like this: “*432*3*1#”.

Now that you have changed your transfer pin, you can now have peace of mind as no one can tamper with your airtime without your permission.

As you have seen the procedure for changing your me2U pin, check the next section as I will be explaining to you how to retrieve your transfer pin if you lose it. Check below.

How to retrieve your Airtel me2U transfer pin.

If you happen to lose your transfer pin for one reason or another, you can retrieve the pin using this method I am about to show you below.

Changing your me2U pin is easier than retrieving a lost one, but no matter what, you can still archive this within 2 minutes.

Below are the procedures to follow in order to retrieve your transfer pin.

on your phone’s dialer,

  • press*432#
  • Choose option 3, which is pin management,
  • Choose option 2 to retrieve your transfer pin.
  • Input your eleven-digit NIN number and follow up with other procedures.

How to find your NIN number

Your NIN is the eleven-digit number written on your national identification card.

You can also check your NIN by dialing *346# or *121#.

The process of retrieving a lost me2U transfer pin is very simple and easy. The big issue here is that you must have a valid NIN.

How to Unblock Your Airtel Account for Me2u Airtime Transfer.

Due to some issues, Airtel normally bars an account once they notice suspicious activity on the account.

When Airtel notices suspicious activity on the account, they bar the line from transferring airtime in order to protect your airtime.

During this period, you will receive an SMS saying “Your account is barred from using this service.”

Check below to see the procedure to follow in order to unbar your Airtel me2u for transferring airtime again.

Call Airtel customer care service line and explain to them the issues you are facing. Provide them with the necessary documents they may need, like your NIN, phone number, and date of birth.

How to transfer airtime on Airtel using me2U.

To transfer airtime from an Airtel Sim card to another Airtel Sim card, follow the procedure below.

Dial *432 *on the Airtel line you want to transfer from

Select transfer airtime (option 1).

Enter the Airtel number of the recipient.

Enter the Me2U pin.

Confirm your transfer by replying with 1.

This is how you can transfer airtime from one Airtel Sim card to another.

There’s a method for sharing SIM cards from Airtel SIM cards to other networks, though the code is currently not working.

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