how to know if your capfin loan is approved

how to know if your capfin loan is approved.

capfin loan is among the best best loan company in South Africa.

you can request for a loan through their website or in any of their branch office.

if you have requested for capfin loan and you’re yet to receive loan, reach out to capfin loan agent for special assistance.

how to know if your capfin loan is approved.

if your capfin loan is approved, you will receive the loan you requested for.

capfin loan will also reach out to you if your loan is approved.

once your capfin loan is approved, they will contact you.

in order to check your Capfin loan status, You may call the Capfin contact centre on 087 354 0000 or use their USSD facility *134*6454# to obtain your settlement quote.

How long does it take Capfin loan to approve?

it normally takes maximum of 2 days for your capfin loan to reach your account.

if you requested for a capfin loan, Your loan will be paid out within 48 business hours after approval to your nominated bank account.

capfin loan Requirements for application.

before you can be eligible for obtaining a capfin loan, below are the requirements and qualifications needed.

  • you must have A valid South Africa ID
  • you need to provide your 3 latest payslips or 3 latest bank statements
  • you need to have or provide A valid South Africa bank account for the transaction
  • you Must be 18 years or older before you can be eligible for getting their loan
  • you Must be permanently employed and earning a monthly salary
  • you need to provide A valid cell phone number for the transaction

capfin loan contacts details, WhatsApp number, email and phone number.

if you want to contact capfin loan customer service agent for any issue related to their loan service, below are the customer service agent line you need to reach out to.

Capfin Loan Ussd Code contact *120*5566#

Capfin email contact

Capfin phone contact: 087 354 0000

Capfin Loan SMS contact HELP’ to 43679

when you’re contacting any of this line, make your statement short and understandable.

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