How to listen to a page on Facebook

how to listen to a page on facebook.


read this and see the procedure to follow in order to listen to a Facebook page and display the page profile on your post, creating a free mode Facebook picture.


Facebook has come up with another amazing features recently, one of them is the option to listen to a music and band Facebook page.

this is one of the best feature of Facebook as it allows you to post a picture which is viable by free mode users, and also, the viewer can download or save the picture even when using free mode .


what’s the meaning of listening to a page on facebook?


unfortunately, many people don’t know the meaning of this phrase “to listen to a page”, it’s a phrase with a wonderful meaning.

listing to a Facebook page means; you are exploring the page, and you want other people to explore the page just like you.

you can listen to any page whether your own or another person’s page provided that the page category is music and band or any other categories that accept this feature.


how to listen to a page on facebook.


this is the procedure to follow in order to listen to a page on Facebook.


you can only listen to a page on Facebook, so to go about this, create a page by navigating to the menu icon on your Facebook account, you will see a list of many Facebook features like groups, market place, page, setting and others.

click on page, if you already have a page, it will show up but as you want to create a new one, click on the option that says “create a new page”


if you want to create a page for the purpose of listening to it or using it to post free mode picture, you have to choose a unique page name as it will make it easy for the page to dominate the name when you search.

you can use your name, numbers or even combine alphabet and number, as the purpose of this page is just for listening or sharing pictures, the name doesn’t matter to the viewer but to you the poster.


Facebook has many categories of page like personal blog, video Creator, political page, government page, public figure, comedian, music and band, and others.

when creating a page for the purpose of listening to it, choose “music and band”.

there are few other categories that accept this feature though music and band is the best.


As you choose music and band, complete the other options like adding a website address, cover photo and profile photo.

the main thing here is the profile picture, choose the photo you want to post and add it as the profile picture of that page.


once you are done creating the page as a music and band Facebook page, add the picture you want people to see as the page profile then create your post in any place whether your timeline, Facebook page or group.

to create a post showing listening to a page on facebook, click on create post and click feeling and activities, click on listening and write the page name their.

once the page name appears, click on it and you are good to go.

click on “post or publish” and you will see it displaying the page profile even if you are on free mode.


Important things to know about creating a free mode picture on Facebook.

Facebook as a community have some things you should know concerning free mode picture, check them below.

1. you can only post a free mode picture using a page with music and band category.

2. you can listen to other people’s page provided it’s a music and band page.

3. posting a picture that’s flagged inappropriate by Facebook as a free mode picture can get your account disable.

4. Facebook community fully support the option of creating a free mode picture.


frequently asked questions about how to listen to a page on facebook.


here amongst other are questions people asks about creating this free mode picture.

how can I create a Free mode picture?

to create a Free mode picture, create Facebook page and add the picture you want to post as the pages profile picture, choose music and band as the pages categories and you are good to go.

why is my page not showing when I want to listen to it?

in case you have created a new page with the music and band Facebook page category option, if your page is not showing up when you search for it or when you want to listen to it, that’s because you didn’t choose a unique name for the page, other pages have dominated the name you choose making your own not to rank.

If you have any question concerning listening to a Facebook page or creating a free mode picture on Facebook, you can use the comment section Below to as your question.


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