how to perfectly choose my WAEC subject combination.

how to perfectly choose my WAEC subject combination.

WAEC examinatoin required you to chose only nine Subjects among all the subjects available in the examination.

some students are finding it difficult the perfect way for choosing the Subjects.

all WAEC candidates should be careful when choosing this subjects because you are not permitted to rewrite WAEC because of this single mistake and even if you are permitted, you will have to waste a complete one year trying to correct a single mistake.

before choosing your WAEC subject combination, there are many things to consider.


list of all the subjects approved by WAEC board.

here are a complete list of all the subjects approved by West Africa examination council, students are allowed to choose any Subject from this list below.

1) general mathematics

2) Further Mathenmatics

3) English Language

4) Literature-in-English

5) Hausa

6) Igbo

7) Yoruba

8) Biology

9) Chemistry

10) Physics

11) Agricultural Science

12) Government

13) Economics

14) Geography

15) Civic Education

16) Christian Religious Studies

17) Islamic Studies

18) Financial Accounting

19) Commerce

20) french

21) physical education

22) health education

23) auto mechanics

24) building construction

25) metal work

26) technical drawing

27) woodwork

28) basic electricity

29) basic electronics

30) clothing and textiles

31) food and nutrition

32) home management

33) music.

34) Mining

35 )Photography

36) Painting & Decorating

37) Tourism

38) Visual Art


among all these subjects, science Subjects differs from art Subjects.

there are some general Subjects offered by both art and science students likewise there are those that are only available for arts students.


here are the list of compulsory Subjects offered by both science and art students in secondary school.

English language



animal husbandry

business management and

health education.


science subjects.

here are the list of students studies by only science students in Nigeria.


English Language

General Mathematics

Further Mathematics




Agricultural Science

Animal Husbandry and

Health Education


things to consider when choosing my WAEC 9 Subjects.


here are important things to bear in mind when choosing WAEC Nine Subjects for both arts and science students.


do not combine Subjects that are not approved by WAEC.

when choosing your WAEC nine Subjects, make sure you don’t make any mistake of combining subjects which you are not suppose to combine, if you’re a science students, all your WAEC subject my be from WAEC approved science subjects, also for arts students, your nine Subjects must be from WAEC approved art Subjects.


you can not change the subject once you register for WAEC.

once the registration period starts, you can not change any of the information you provided to WAEC board, bear it in mind that no mistake should be made when choosing this subjects.


chose Subjects that suites your future career.

Make a wise decision about your future before choosing any Subject for WAEC examinatoin.

WAEC certificate is the first thing you have to present when seeking for any of the following : when seeking for job, when seeking for admission, before writing UTME, when entering any higher institution.

you have to choose Subjects that best suits your future job.


chose Subjects you can pass.


chose Subjects that you can easily pass with a good result.

WAEC examinatoin is very hard, you need to choose your best Subjects,

do not choose any Subject because of influence of friends, know your capability.




best Subjects for medical students.

here are WAEC subjects requirement for student who wish to study a medical course in higher institution.

English language,





animal husbandry,

Economics or ( computer studies ),

One Nigeria language,




WAEC subject combination for medical students.

for medical students, below are the required subjects.

English language,





Computer studies,



one Nigeria language.


WAEC Subjects combination for people with no intention of furthering their Education.


for students with no intention of going into higher institution or those that would like to voucher into business, here are the required subjects to choose for WAEC.

English language,



Civic education,

commercial education,


computer studies,

CRS or Islamic studies and

one Nigeria language.



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