How to report fake loan app

if you come across any loan shark, the best thing to do is to report the loan app to FG or Google.

Nigeria federal government has made it easy for people to report any loan shark by sending an email to this email address below.

how to report fake loan app.

if you notice any fake loan app, help yourself and help others by reporting the loan shark company to federal government or Google.

to report such fraudulent loan app, send an email to this address below.

The e-mail address to contact the task force on complaints against loan apps is

on Nigerian lawyer has come up to defend any person who is undergoing any kind of defamation or ill treatment from loan app.

below is a later this lawyer dropped, encouraging people to work hard in order to eradicate loan shark.

Good day my people, I am Barr. Nelson Nnaji (your official Lawyer). I am a specialist in Criminal Law and I am also a Human Rights Lawyer.

I am writing you a follow-up to my earlier post on sueing the loan sharks for tortious act of libel(defamation).

My plan is to sue them on your behalf so that they will pay millions in damages to the victims. The victims I mean here are those whom they have sent defamatory text massages to their contacts not those they merely threatened.

I have made a speedy plan to bring up the action against them as quick as possible. We will sue them through their corporate bodies.

Through their registered companies we can easily unmask their directors, other principal officers of the company and as well as their registered offices .

Example is Cashigo International Limited. They are committing their evil under the guise of Lcredit.

The owner is Yuntao Cong a Chinese living in Indonesia.

His assistant is Lifeng Jia a director living here in Nigeria. Their Company secretary is Kelechi Obi’s firm.

Their registered offices are 4 emina crescent, off toyin street and 22A Rasheed Alabama Williams Street Lekki, Lagos 100001 Nigeria. Their official contact is


They now employed many Nigerians paying them peanuts and using them for the execution of their evil plans.

For Solo, I don’t have much details yet about them. We will get to know their company. We can do that through the bank details they normally sent out or by other intelligent means.

We are going to sue 4 or 5 loan companies first(lcredit, solo and any other 2 or 3 you choose). We can sue others subsequently.

Being a company, we will sue them at the Federal High Court (the court that has jurisdiction on company matters).

We will sue them by way of representative or class action(I will decide the best one). The court will serve them through their registered offices.

 I may pick 100 victims to represent each app.. so five 5 apps will give us 500 Representatives in total. Each person must have evidence of defamation to show.

We will be praying the court to award the sum 5m to each victim as a compensation for destruction of their reputation for no just cause.

Keep all the massages safe. They are our evidence. For those who became sick and depressed, keep the medical reports safe.

For those who attempted suicide but withstood it, you are a hero. For those who took their lives, we will get justice for you no matter the cost.

Nelson Nnaji esq


Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

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