how to retrieve nin number with BVN

how to retrieve nin number with bvn.

do you know you can retrieve your NIN through your BVN “bank verification number”.

if you’re among those whose Sim card got blocked due to issue of SIM card to NIN linking, you can now retrieve your NIN through your BVN and unblock your sim card with it.

endeavour to read this till the end as all the information provided here will be helpful to any person who want to know how to get/retrieve NIN number through BVN.

how to retrieve nin number with bvn.

the first thing you should know is, this offer is available for those who have a bank account with a bank that makes use of BVN.

if you only have an account in microfinance bank, you may not succeed in getting this.

for first bank, access bank, fidelity bank, wema, Eco bank and other banks that are on the same level with this listed Banks above, you can now retrieve your NIN through your BVN.

this is the fastest method of getting a national identification number this days.

below are the procedure to follow in order to retrieve your NIN through your BVN.

open your phone dialer.

if you’re still using the Sim card you used when creating your first Bank account, Just dial *346# with the same number you registered for BVN and retrieve your NIN.

NOTE, BVN generated from NIN needs some verification and validation before you can use it for official works or for unlocking your sim card.

many people are still doubting this though those that are really serious about getting their NIN has been able to retrieve it through this method.

That is true

You need to register with NIMC for you to have a valid NIN

One of the Telecom Operators explained that the reason other biometric registrations are not sufficient is because the NIMC data is more comprehensive

Others just got some data, like two finger prints, but NIMC requires the 10 finger prints and other vital information

All those that said they got NIN without registering with NIMC were advised to validate the NIN in any Nimc office.


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