How to validate NIN both online and offline

How to validate a (NIN) for free.


How to validate your NIN and use it for verification in any deal or transaction that requires you to provide a valid NIN.


Are you among those whose NIN became invalid for one reason or another?


Do not be worried if your national identification card number appears to be invalid or needs to be validated.


This is just a mini case as you can validate it within one day. The good news is that you can even validate your NIN without paying a dime to anyone.


Many people have complained that their NIN is invalid or that it needs to be validated.


There are a few reasons that can make your NIN invalid, which you might have known some,


In this post, I will explain why your NIN needed to be validated, how to validate your NIN, and any other important information you may need to know about your national identification card number and its validation.


Why does my NIN need validation?


This is a question anyone in this state might be asking.


Actually, there’s a reason why your NIN is showing as invalid or required for validation. The reasons are explained below.


BVN generated NIN: “


Those who obtained their NIN through BVN harmonisation with the national identification data base are more likely to have an invalid NIN, as the Nigerian National Identification Agency has been urging them to validate it.


Getting your national identification number through BVN harmonisation is never something to regret. In fact, it is the easiest way of getting a national identification number, though you have to validate your NIN in the national identity management council office before you start using it.


Another reason that can make your NIN invalid is if you got the ID card a long time ago.


NIN gotten Many years ago.


If you obtained your NIN a long time ago, perhaps four years ago, there is a good chance that it will need to be validated.


This conclusion is made from the information provided, though not from a verified source, which reveals that Nimc happened to lose some people’s data that was on their server a long time ago.


If you got your NIN a long time ago and it is now showing an invalid NIN, you don’t have to worry too much. You can finish the validation process within a few minutes, and also for free.


 uncategorized reasons.


The only reason given by Nimc that can make your NIN invalid is if you get your NIN through BVN.


Other reasons like that of Nin gotten a long time ago have not been officially announced by Nimc, though many people who encounter this believe it’s a fact.


There are still some other reasons why your NIN is showing invalid that have not been detected.


In any case, no matter the reason, in this post you will see the solution to follow in order to validate it as successful.


How to validate a NIN using the Nimc mobile app.


To validate your NIN with the Nimc  mobile app, here are the steps to follow.


  • Download the Nimc official mobile app from the app store and open it.


  • Enter your eleven-digit nin number in the space provided for you and your mobile number will appear.


  • Click on the next button to proceed. An OTP will be sent to the mobile number they displayed.


  • Once you receive the OTP, your NIN will be valid again.


This method does not work well with people who got their NIN through BVN. If you got your NIN through BVN, this is not the most effective method.


How to validate your NIN in the Nimc office.


The easiest and also free method of validating a NIN is by using the official Nimc mobile app.


If you are having problems validating your NIN using the Nimc mobile app or you are among those whose NIN was gotten from BVN, you have to validate your NIN in the Nimc office.


The Nimc validation procedure in the Nimc office;


  • Go to any national identification management office in your area.


  • request for the national identification number validation form.


  • Fill in the required details in the form and submit it back.


  • Make a payment of four thousand naira (it may be less in some areas).

Your NIN will be valid again

Payment for Nimc validation is usually four thousand naira.


I hope this post answers your questions concerning national identification number validation.


If you are still looking for any other things concerning your NIN validation, feel free to ask questions using the comment section below.

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