Important of writing junior WAEC ( BECE examination )

Benefits of writing junior WAEC examinatoin ( BECE ), Important of basic Education certificate examinatoin for students.


The BECE examination stands for Basic Education Certificate Examination. This examination is also known as Junior WAEC as it’s been written by students at their junior secondary school level.


Many people have been talking about this junior WAEC exam, how they wasted their money, time and other things writing an examination that was of no benefit. Some people say that you can’t get any job with BECE, you can’t possibly achieve anything with BECE.


As a matter of fact, the BECE examination is not useless as you may have thought. This exam is of great importance to any student, especially those who wish to further their education.


In this post, you will get to see the importance of the BECE examination, the role it plays in your educational life, and many more other things concerning BECE.



The importance of the BECE examination certificate

It’s not quite unfortunate that many people in Nigeria fail to see the benefits of this basic Education examinatoin,

Here is some of the benefits you derived from written BECE examination.


  • It decides the selection of students that will be promoted from the Junior Secondary School class to the Senior Secondary School class.


Without your BECE examination certificate, you can not enter a senior secondary school class.

Every serious school which follows the instructions given by the Nigeria Ministry of Education will request your BECE examination certificate before admitting you to their school.


Some schools may allow you to study without your BECE examination certificate if you promise to write the BECE examination in their school when the current exam begins. you try to outsmart them after you have gotten admission, they will cancel your admission.

  • It is necessary to be awarded the basic education certificate.

It’s essential to obtain your basic education certificate examinatoin result as it’s the first certificate you can get as a student in Nigeria.

This basic education certificate exam covers six years of primary education and three years of junior secondary school education. Obtaining this certificate marks you as someone who really passed all the classes from primary one to junior secondary class three.


Even if you can’t further your education, your BECE certificate will differentiate you from those who stopped at primary school level or those who didn’t even go to school at all.


  • BECE certificate is required for admission into some higher institutions, especially technical institutions.


Most of the people who keep saying that the BECE examination certificate is of no use actually didn’t further their education. That’s why they failed to see the importance of the examination they wrote.


The BECE examination is one of the major requirements for admission into any technical institution in Nigeria. Before you get admitted into any technical institution in Nigeria, you must present your BECE certificate as a verification that you have passed all the nine classes covered by BECE.

  • It plays an important role in determining the course suitable for your child.


The exam equally gives feedback on where to place a student in the senior class, so their choice of eventual subjects in WAEC and JAMB is not arbitrary. Through the BECE examination result, you will get to know the subjects the students performed very well in, and those they are not doing well in.

Through this, you will be able to determine whether your child should attend a science class or an art class.


It’s through a student’s BECE examination result that you will get to know the subjects the student found difficult to understand. You can host the student on a holiday lesson or hire a private tutor to help him/her recover in that particular subject.


In case you’re interested in registering for the BECE examination, let me summarize the requirements for that.


requirements for BECE examination registration.


In a post I made earlier, I stated all the requirements for the basic education certificate examinaton. You can check the post through this link or continue reading the summary.


Here are the requirements:

  1. The candidate must have finished primary school level, junior secondary class 1 and 2.
  2. All interested candidates are to submit their personal information to the principal of the school where they want to write the examination.
  3. All other procedures are to be done by the school principal.


FAQ about BECE certificate examinatoin


Can I enter senior secondary school without passing the BECE examination?

You can not enter senior secondary school in Nigeria and Ghana without your BECE examination certificate.


Can someone write the BECE for me?

It is not recommended, however, that candidates who are unable to write the BECE for one reason or another have other people write for them.


If you have any question concerning basic Education certificate examinatoin, please feel free to send us your questions via the comment section.

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