Items required in the JAMB examination Hall

items required in the JAMB examination hall.

Are you aware that JAMB has prohibited certain materials from being brought into the exam hall?

If you’re writing a UTME or post-UTME examination,

It’s important to know the items needed in the exam hall and those prohibited.

On the examinaton day, you are required to bring only the items that are required. Bringing other items apart from the required items will likely put you in trouble.


It’s important to know the difference between these prohibited materials and the real approved materials in the exam hall to be on the safe side.

Here is the list of the items prohibited in the examination hall.

List of items that are not permitted in the exam hall


As I already said, the board of directors of JAmb examinatoin prohibited many materials to ensure zero cases of examination malpractice and other reasons.


This is the list of the items prohibited in the jamb examination hall.


1. watches


2. Pen/biro


3. Cell phones and other similar electronic devices


4. Spy Reading Glasses, Which Should be Scrutinized


Calculators or Similar Electronic Devices


6. USB, CD, Hard Disk, and/or Other Storage Media


Books and any other reading or writing materials


8. Cameras


9. Recorders


10. Microphones


11. Earrings


Readers of Ink/Pens


Smart Glasses


14. Smart Rings or Jewelry


15. Intelligent Buttons


Bluetooth Devices 16


17. Keyholders


18th. ATM Card


19. Erasers


20. oversized earrings and pendant


Taking any of this listed material to the exam hall will surely put your exam at stake. To be on the safe side, do not take any of those items when leaving your house for the exam hall because you may not even find anyone that can keep them for you.

On the other hand, there are some materials needed on the exam day. There are also materials that you should provide on the exam day. When you fail to provide them, you will not write the examination.

essential materials needed on exam day.


Here are the materials that you should take to the JAMB examination hall.


  • The newly reprinted slip and
  • A pencil.

reprinted slip.

This is the second slip that bears your examination reg number, seat number, JAMB chosen subjects and other important details needed.

Reprinting is done a few weeks before the examination.

You are required to bring your reprinted slip when coming to the UTME examination hall for proper validation and identification of candidates.

Any student who fails to bring this reprinted slip will not be able to write the examination.

It’s not compulsory to bring your Jamb registration form, though there’s no punishment for any candidate who brings the registration form to the exam hall.


During the time I was writing my own JAmb, I went there with my registration form and reprinted slip.


Calculation is done with a pencil.

You’re required to bring one pencil for calculation and writing down important things in the exam hall.


A pencil is not mandatory, but you are supposed to bring it because there’s no pen or any other writing materials available.


It’s very important to go to the examination hall with a pencil, as you may need it for the following reasons: calculation for science and accountant students; checking spelling when writing English; solving emphatic stress questions for the English language; and writing down any question number that you couldn’t easily solve before skipping it in order to remember it.


You will be provided with a rough book in the exam hall. Intentionally, they knew that you would come with your pencil, so that’s why they provide you with a book where you can do any calculation.


The HB pencil is the recommended pencil you should take to the exam hall.


When going to your UTME and Post-UTME examination hall, do not forget your pencil and reprinted data.


biometrical verification in the examination hall, reasons and procedure for doing it.


Before entering the examination hall, there are many verification processes that you should follow, which are: thumb printing, facial verification, and ID verification.


This thumb printing and face scanning is called biometrical verification.


Here are important things to know about biometrical verification in the examination hall.


1. Biometric Verification or finger print scanning will be the only mode for the admittance of candidates into the examination centre, there’s nothing like taking roll call. All candidates must Strictly adhere¬† to the guide on compulsory biometric verification.

2. If a candidate cannot be verified, this means he or she is not really an exam candidate.

3. Aside from the biometric verification which is done before the exam, there is no other attendance register.

Any candidate who missed this biometric verification already missed the exam.

4. Photo albums will only carry pictures with no marking points for either present or absent status.


5. All candidates including examination officials, must ensure that all guidelines, rules, and regulations governing the examination are followed especially this aspect of biometric verification


FAQ about items required or prohibited in the jamb exam hall


Here are some questions students ask and an answer to them.


Can I enter the JAMB examination hall with money?


Yes! You can enter the examination hall with the money you have with you, but do not do anything that would implicate you with the money.

Can I bring a pen to the exam Hall?

It’s not advisable because you can’t take it into the exam hall.

Can I ask questions in the exam Hall?

This is important, you have to ask the invigilator questions anytime you feel like.

Asking questions in the exam Hall is allowed only if you’re talking to the invigilator.


Ask your friend about their experience in the exam Hall before you sit for your own, it’s very important.

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