JAMB examination rules and regulations for all candidates

Jamb rules and regulations

Here are the policies provided by the JAmb board of directors for students who wish to write the JAMB examination.


JAMB is a very strict examination. You must abide by their rules and regulations if you really want to write their exam.


The Jamb board has provided a series of rules and guides for all the aspirants who wish to partake in the UTME examination.


This post is to help you understand the rules and regulations provided to all jambite and how to abide by them.


Jamb rules and regulations


Here are the rules and regulations set by the JAMB board of directors, which govern all the activities of the Jamb candidates.


  •  Do not write jamb for someone else.


For no reason should you attempt to write a UTME examination for anybody.


If a candidate is unable to write the UTME examination on the specified date, he or she must wait until the following season.


Writing a UTME examination for somebody else will attract a penalty of five years’ imprisonment.


On the UTME examination day, you cannot enter the examination without verifying your finger print. This is the time they will find out whether you are writing your own exam or whether you are writing for another person.


If your fingerprints did not match any record in their database, you will face serious consequences.


You will be giving very serious attention if you manage to go to the exam hall. (If your sickness is very serious, postpone your exam to next year.) The exam takes only two hours. You should try and write the exam for yourself without getting another person into trouble.


Do not enter the examination hall with any electronic devices.


No candidate is allowed to enter the examination hall with any electronic devices. Not only are electronic devices not allowed, but you are not allowed to wear any kind of deodorant when entering the examination hall.


Some of the items prohibited include:

  • mobile phone.
  • ear piece.
  • hand watch.
  • earring.
  • face cap.
  • pendant.
  • Nose ring
  • Furthermore, outlandish fashion designs are not permitted.


There will be thorough searching. The security agencies will have to search you thoroughly to make sure that you are not holding any of the listed instruments when entering the exam hall.


I believe that students may indulge in the act of examinatoin malpractice with such a device.


If in any case, you enter the examination hall with any of the listed devices, you are risking canceling your exam.


  • Do not participate in any kind of expo.


Expo of any kind is not allowed during the Jamb exam. The Jamb board of directory will make sure that the result you get is truly yours.


Engaging in jamb expo is a punishable offense. The candidate’s exam will be canceled and he/she will have to undergo additional punishment depending on the kind of malpractice he/she did.


Here are some of the examinatoin malpractice acts that are forbidden by the JAMB board.


Asking your fellow candidates questions during the examination period, entering the examination hall with any written material, looking at your fellow candidates’ exam system screens


  •  Do not arrive late on the day of the examination.

Latecomers are not allowed during the examination day.


You must be present during the finger print scanning, which is done before entering the exam hall. No UTME candidate is allowed to enter the examination hall once the exam starts.


You must be on the examination premises one hour before the exam. This is to ensure that you really follow all the procedures given to you. There may be a serious announcement for UTME candidates which coming late to the exam hall may disrupt your taking.


  •  You must complete your thumbprint.


The thumb printing scan is used to validate your data in the jamb registration board and is used for proper identification of each candidate.


All the candidates must be present during the thumb printing. This thumb printing is the last security test you need to undergo before sitting for the examination.


If by any chance your finger print didn’t match any record in the list of the jamb registered candidates, you are going to face a serious penalty for attempting to write jamb for another person.


  1.  Do not register Jamb on behalf of another person.


During the registration period, the candidates who wish to write the UTME examination should be the ones to register for the examination. Parents or guardians are not allowed to register JAMB for their children.


This registration process includes thumb printing, face scanning, and passport validation. You cannot replace your child’s thumb printing with yours.


Registrating JAMB for someone will cause a problem during the exam, as the facial scanning and finger print records of the candidate will not be found on the registration data record.


If you wish to register JAMB for your child, go to the JAmb registration center with that person and allow him/her to do the identification procedure.


  • Make no noise in the exam room.


Noise making is not allowed in the jamb hall. On no account should you make noise during the examination period.


Noise making may attract examinatoin malpractice, therefore it is forbidden in the exam hall.


If you wish to ask any question in the exam hall, you are free to raise your hand quietly and talk to the supervisor in charge of the hall.


  •  You must be computer literate.


If you don’t know how to use a computer, there are numerous cyber cafes where you can learn.


The JAMB examination is a computer-based exam. If you have no knowledge of using the system to write the exam, you are not allowed to enter the examination hall.


Learning how to answer exam questions with the computer is very easy. You can get through the whole tutorial within one day.


  •  Do not sell your JMB outcome.


The selling of jamb results is not allowed.


This act is punishable under the law.


  • Do not enter the examination hall with any books.


On no account should you enter the examination hall with any of this material: note book, pen, text book, novel, etc.


The only instrument permitted in the examinatoin hall is a pencil.


This is the rules set by the JAMB board of director. It is very easy to follow if you really want to write your jamb examination.


Drop a comment below if you have any questions concerning these jamb rules and regulations we just listed for you above.

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