JAMB examination runs review ( legit or Scam )

Jamb Runs Review: Legit or Scam?

Many students have been trying to know the real facts about this jamb runs issue. Are you among the students that are trying to learn more about any of these: how to do jamb runs; is jamb runs legit or scam; can I possibly do expo in JAMB? Can I write for someone? Is Jamb Runs true?, Where can I find Jamb Runs people?, Jamb Runs runs a WhatsApp group.


Fortunately, you are in the right place. I made this post basically for people that want to know whether Jamb Runs is real.


What exactly is a jamb run?


Jamb runs or jamb expo is the illegal leaking of jamb examination questions and answers for candidates before or during the exam period. Actually, the definition should not go this way as the belief of jamb expo is just a waste of time, knowledge, and money.


Some people claim that they can help you get a high mark in your JMB examination. They claim to send you the examination questions and answers before the examination date or on the examination date before the exam commences.


These individuals run advertisements on their website, Facebook page, and Facebook groups, charging approximately ten thousand naira per candidate who falls into their track.


Jamb Runs Review: Legit or Scam?


Let’s look into this issue of jamb runs and find out all the details about it, whether it is real or not.


Students have been wasting their time, knowledge, and hard-earned money trying to do JAmb examination runs.


Here are the facts that fully explain that JAMB runs are not real.


  • UTME examination computers are only made for JAMB.


If you have never heard of it or you are still doubting it, let me explain it to you fully here.


The computer you will use to write your UTME examination is kept in the examination centre only for the purpose of the UTME examination. You cannot write a JAMB examination with another system aside from the JAMB examination system.


The UTME examination computers only contain your UTME examination questions and a small calculator. You cannot do any other browsing with the system aside from answering your exam questions and clicking on the calculator icon whenever you have any calculation.


Looking at this, you will find out that there is no way you can handle any examination runs with your computer during the examination.


This is the first thing that should come into your mind whenever you are thinking about whether JAMB runs are real or not. You should give yourself that answer now.


  • Jamb set 2000 questions per subject each year.

If you’re still not convinced fully that the UTME examination runs are fake, then check this one now.


The JAMB examination board sets a minimum of two thousand questions for each subject per year. This is the way these people will receive those two thousand questions, answer them and send the answer to you before the examination.


Even if you happen to see the JMB examination questions before the exam begins, you will not know the number of questions they will assign to you.


When taking the UTME exam, each candidate in the examination hall is given a different set of questions to answer. JAmb collects all two thousand questions and distributes them to all candidates taking the exam.


There is no way you can do any form of malpractice.

  • You are not allowed to enter the examination hall with any electronic devices.


During the examination, no UTME candidate is allowed to enter the examination hall with any of the following electronic devices: phones, watches, and even ear rings and pendants.


This is to ensure that you don’t have any other means of getting additional information apart from your brain.


Even if someone promises to do JAMB runs for you, there will be no means of communication between you and that person until the examination is over.


Paying someone for Jamb runs or depending on JAMB runs will only be something to regret as there’s no means of communication between you and your helper during the examination period.


  • You can’t write a jamb for someone else.


The Jamb security management board has fully implemented the rules that no one is allowed to write a UTME examination for any other person, no matter what the excuse may be.


These rules are now effective as they introduce the biological method of identification for every candidate before the exam begins.


Before the UTME examination begins, all the candidates must verify their identity. This is done by facial verification and finger print scanning before entering the examination hall.


You will be unable to enter the examination hall if your fingerprints do not match any record in the UTME candidates’ data.


Even if the person promises to write the UTME examination for you, it can never happen because finger print scanning must surely disqualify him or her. Anybody found in this situation is going to face a serious trial in court as he is trying to break Nigeria’s constitution against examination malpractice. Such a person will face five years of impresonment


  • Examination malpractice is a punishable offense in Nigeria.


Nigeria has now included it in her constitution that examination malpractice attracts a penalty of five years of imprisonment.


No sensible human being will risk a whole five years just to do JAMB runs for you.


Can you now agree that there are no UTME (JAMB) examination runs? am pretty sure you believe it now. Don’t waste your hard-earned money trying to hire someone for your UTME examination runs because it will not happen.

How to pass jamb successful

Here is what you will do if you really want to pass your UTME examination.


How to pass the UTME examination without exposure.


Fortunately, Jamb Expo does not exist.


Here is what every UTME candidate must do in order to score highly in the examination.


  • Prepare for the examination on time.


  • Read according to the JMB syllabus given to you.


  • Don’t depend on the expo and runs.


  • Read your past questions effectively.


  • Take the examination seriously.


  • avoid distraction during the examination.


  • Set a high goal.


By following this guide, you will score a high mark in your UTME examination without running.

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