JAMB mock examination everything you need to know

UTME Mock Exam: Everything You Need to Know

Are you among those writing the JAMB examination this year or are you planning to write next season? Do you wish to write a jamb mock exam? Here I will explain to you the essential things you are supposed to know about the UTME mock exam.

Some candidates didn’t write the UTME exam because they didn’t know much about it. Some don’t know how to register, where to register and the registration requirements.

Luckily, you are in the right place. I will show you all the essential things every JAMB candidate needs to know about this helpful mock exam.

Let’s begin.

What is a JAMB examination mock?

A JAMB Mock is an exam taken by JAMB examination candidates before the exam day to help them have a clear view of what the main UTME exam will look like.

A Jamb mock exam is essential, especially for candidates who have never written a jamb exam before. This will help them to learn more about the things that will happen in the exam hall.

This exam is written a few weeks before the main UTME exam. Once the mock exam is finished, the main exam will start.

How to register for the JAMB Mock Exam

The procedure for JAMB mock registration is very simple for anyone who has registered JAMB before, but for a novice, it will be a difficult task.

It’s quite fortunate that some candidates who registered for the main JAMB exam don’t know how to register for the JAMB mock exam.

The JAMB mock exam is being registered together with the main UTME exam. If you have registered for JAMB or want to register, the mock exam is registered in the same cyber cafe where you will register for your JAMb exam.

If you wish to write the mock, notify your registrar on time so that he/she will mark the option “positive” during your registration process.

Because of this, most of the candidates who write UTME exams don’t bother writing this mock due to one excuse or the other. Because of this, JAmb registration officials may not bother asking you whether you will like to write it on time.

Registration is free, and that’s why they seem to be less concerned about asking about the mock exam.

Important things to know about the JAMB mock exam

Here are the basic things you have to know.

  1. The Jamb mock exam is not compulsory; the choice is yours to decide whether to write it or not.
  2. This jamb mock exam is free; no registration fee is needed, no exam fee, nothing concerning this mock exam is free.
  3. Your practice exam Subjects will be chosen from the details you provided when registering for the main JAMB exam.
  4. Jamb mock exam centre are scarce. Those who wish to write this exam will have to register on time as there are only a few centre where the exams are held.
  5. Jamb mock exam rules and regulations follow those of the Jamb. Both exams are strictly governed by many rules and regulations.
  6. Your mock exam score will not be added to your main Jamb exam score. This mock is just for preparation.
  7. The questions you will see in the JAMB mock exam are not going to be repeated on the main UTME exam.
  8. The Jamb mock exam is CBT-based, meaning it is written on the computer.
  9. Every JAMB candidate is qualified to sit for this mock test if they’re ready.

important of writing jamb mock exam

This exam is of great benefit to anyone who wishes to write an UTME exam.

Here are the main benefits of the JMB Mock Exam.

  • This helps the exam candidate to have a clear preview of what the main exam will look like. This is the main reason why every candidate who has not written the UTME examination should attend the mock exam. Here you will see how the questions are set.
  • This helps the exam candidate know how to perfectly manage the allocated time. This mock exam is set just like the main exam; it helps students test themselves to know whether they can finish the exam before the time elapses.
  • For candidates that have little or no knowledge of how to use the computer to write, this mock exam will help you to learn how to write and submit your exam using either the keyboard or mouse.
  • Just like the main UTME exam, this mock exam is also CBT-based. A candidate is allowed to ask any question about how to go about writing with the computer. All the difficulties you may face when writing the main exam can be cleared up through this mock and become ready for your main exam.
  • This exam will help you to learn more about the rules and regulations governing the UTME examination hall.
  • It is advisable that all UTME candidates write this mock exam as it will prepare them for the main exam.

FAQ about the JMB Mock Exam and answers to them

how much is jamb mock exam registration fee?.

This exam is free. Jamb Mock exam registration is free.

Is the JAMB mock exam compulsory?

The jamb mock exam is not compulsory, though it is essential.

Does JAMB combine my mock exam mark with my main UTME exam mark?

No, jamb, don’t combine the two Mark.


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