legit account application via sms. – OPEN HERE

you can easily open a legit account on your own and start using the account by following the procedure below.

opening a legit account is of great important as you can benefit the following from it

Important of opening a legit account

  1. Account Protection Policy for your peace of mind
  2. Free SMS notification on purchases
  3. Up to 55 days interest free on purchases
  4. Revolving 24 & 36 month repayment plan
  5. Up to 3 additional cards for family and friends
  6. 6 Months interest free on Edgars in-store and online purchases.

if you’re searching for how to open a legit account via SMS, then this article is for you as you will get to see all the necessary informations you might need concerning legit account application.

endeavour to read this till the end as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone who want to open a legit account

legit account application via sms.

to open a legit account, there are numerous available branches for you to Carry out this service.

if you want to open a legit account via SMS the check below.

You can’t open a legit account application via sms but you can open your account using the link below.

if You’re to open a legit account offline, you need to go any available legit- group store in your area and provide them with the following documents

  •  your valid ID proof book,
  • proof of address and

your proof of salary for the previous month.

if you want to open a legit account online, then you have to follow the online application procedure provided for you below.

  1. visit legit official website.
  2. provide the required ID proof
  3. provide your Recent three months salary proof
  4. provide a valid phone number or email address where Edgars can reach out to you .

to get started with the online application, check below for application form.


You can use your LEGIT card at any Edgars, Jet, JetMart, CNA, or Boardmans stores nationwide

legit account contact details.

for complain,. compliment or question concerning your legit account or any issue regarding Edgars company, you can reach out to them using the contact details below.

You can contact Edgars by calling or send an SMS to this number ” 0860 111 826″ 

in case the customer service agent is busy, you can send an email through the email address below. edgarsenquiries@rcsgroup.co.za.


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