list of the best place to start up a business in Nigeria

list of the best place to start up a business in Nigeria and expect a massive growth to your business.

sometimes, the reason for failure or low rate of positive change in ones business is due to improper planing of the business before starting,
many people immigrate to Nigeria trying to start up their business also many Nigerian are looking for a perfect place to start up their business.

Nigeria is one of commercial base in the Africa where traders from different countries gather to do their business.
there are few things to consider before starting up a business in Nigeria.
1. your financial status.
if you are trying to start a business with 100 thousand naira, normally you have to find an effective mini business to start up with first, you can not compete with people doing their business with 1 million
2. perfect business you can handle.
before starting up a business, you should look for a perfect business you can handle without much difficult.
if you can really handle a business, it’s better to learn from experts before starting up your own to avoid wasting your time and money.

state in Nigeria where I can start up my business.

here are the list of commercial centre in Nigeria where you can start up your own business with any amount and expect a huge revenue from your business.
the top six states you can start up your new business in Nigeria are.

1. Lagos State.
Lagos State is the centre for Commercial activities in West Africa, Lagos State is located in the south Western part of Nigeria.
this is the most popular and most developed state in Nigeria.
if you’re planning on starting up a new business, Lagos State is the perfect place for you as business people of any level performs excellent in Lagos State.
Lagos State have a cheap house rent compared to some other developed parts of Africa, you can rent a shop for as low as 3000 naira per month.
Lagos State have the highest and busiest market in the west Africa, this is a center for foriegn exchange transaction in Nigeria
the geographical position of Lagos State beside the Atlantic ocean.
the white people when they first came into Nigeria, they settled at Lagos and Ogun state before spreading to other parts of Nigeria.
this people started their business in Lagos State, they built many industries which some of them are still existing up till today.
primarily, this played a tremendous impact in the development of Lagos State.

names of the busiest market in Lagos State.
here are the list of the busiest market you can start up your business in Lagos State.

Alaba international market. this is the busiest market in Nigeria.

Oshodi Lagos State market here is the centre for importation of foriegn goods from foriegn countries to Nigeria through the Atlantic ocean
Apapa Lagos State market
shibiri Lagos State market

Lagos State is the best state to start up your business in Nigeria but in any case you can not afford to live in Lagos, then check the following states below.

Anambra state.
anambra state is located in the Eastern part of Nigeria, this is the most developed state in eastern region, just like Lagos State, anambra is one of the commercial centre in Nigeria with many industries both companies and agricultural industries. anambra is a perfect place you can start up your dream business if you can’t manage to leave at Lagos as there are still numerous busy market in anambra like the onitsha main market, newi awka market and Orba main market.
the cost of starting up a new business in anambra state depends on your financial status, a person with five hundred thousand naira can start up a perfectly working business and make a gain of that five hundred thousand naira within a few months.
anambra is perfect place to start your business if you can leave at Lagos as you can start up a business of your choice there whether poor or rich.
the poor people normally start their business as a street business where there is low competition and later they will migrate to the main market once they get enough money.

the third place you can start up your new business in Nigeria and expect a huge revenue within few months is Abuja.
Abuja is located in the north central part of Nigeria this is the best place to start up a business for people leaving around northern Nigeria who can not afford to live in Lagos or anambra state.
Abuja is the centre capital territory of Nigeria, there is a massive increase in the rate of development in Abuja.
Abuja is second most developed state in Nigeria after Lagos, it have numerous industries and many busy market where you can start up your business.

these three states is the perfect place you can start up your new business in Nigeria this year 2022.
as a matter of fact, Lagos State remain the best place you can start up your business in Nigeria whether you’re a Nigerian or immigrators planing on starting up a business but if can’t manage to make to stay at Lagos, you can stay at anambra or Abuja.

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