most effective method for studying WAEC past questions

most effective method for studying WAEC past questions.

Do you want to know the effective way of studying WAEC past questions? Are you among those asking this question: how can I study WAEC past questions? Does WAEC repeat past questions? What’s the importance of studying past questions? Where can I get past questions for free? What’s the best method for studying past questions? If so, you are in the right place.

In this post, I will show you the most effective method of studying WAEC past questions when preparing for any examination.

What are WAEC’s past questions?

WAEC Past Questions is a collection of examination questions written by past WAEC students.

WAEC examinations are conducted every year. In this article, you will learn how to study these past questions written by other students and effectively utilise the knowledge you gain from them when writing your own examination.

People have managed to keep the complete question and answer WAEC had set from that year to 2022 since 1953.

If you can properly read and understand the points in the past questions, you will be successful in your own examination.

How do I study WAEC Past Questions effectively?

This is a very good question. Reading past questions is very easy and helpful if you know the effective way of doing so. You can’t just pick up past questions for any year and begin to read like a novel; it will not be helpful to you.

You will pass your WAEC examination, NECO, GCE, UTME, and Post UTME with only the help of passed questions if you know how to read them.

Here are the effective ways of reading past questions.

  •  First, read your textbooks or jotters.

Before you start reading or answering questions from past questions, Read your note book, jotter, and text book to learn more about the subject or topic you want to study in relation to the previous question.

Studying your past questions without revisions on your notes and text book is not efficient as you may not be able to identify the wrong answers, mistakes, and common errors in the past questions.

This will only make you more dependent on cramming work, which is not a better way of studying.

The main reason you read past questions is to test your capabilities on the subjects against your awaiting examination. You cannot test your capabilities when you are pretty sure of yourself that you haven’t read anything, let alone tested.

Before you read any past questions, get your notes, textbook, and jotter, read them thoroughly, and assume that you are ready for the exam. Read the past questions and know your capabilities.

If you’re scoring too low after solving the answers to your past questions, you need to drop the past questions and focus fully on your notes and textbook. That is an effective way of studying past question papers for every serious student.

  • respond to questions as if you were in an exam hall.

Past questions are examination questions written by past students. If you want to study past questions, assume that you are inside an examination room, check the time allocated for answering the questions in the past question instruction part, and utilize all the procedures given to you in the past question.

Effective studying of past questions helps students earn examination time management skills. If you want to achieve this, answer past questions as if you are already in an examination hall taking the exam.

  • Determine the best study method for you.

For beginners, when you are just starting to answer the questions in the past questions for the first time, you need to study them from A-Z.

Let’s take Biology as an example. Once you buy a biology past questions, the first thing to do is to pack any examination years and study the questions there. Pick another year again and study the questions there. Repeat this for about five different years. Write down the topic that you are likely to fail when answering those questions. Use your text book to study the topic again.

Choose only the topic in which you failed in your previous attempt the next time you want to read those previous questions, and assess your ability in that topic.

This is the most effective way of reading a past question paper.

  • Read, Solve Problems, and Jot Down the Key Points.

Don’t just open your past questions and start ticking answers. Read the questions thoroughly, write down some new words (this helps in vocabulary development), solve the problems in the past question paper with all the effort you have, solve them as someone who is writing a real examination.

Finally, when reviewing the answers to previous questions, make a note of any important points or lessons you learn.Jotting down would help you during revisions to understand the new ideas.

Ensure you study past question papers with a jotter, a text book, and a note book.

  • Double-check and confirm your responses:

Some of the answers in your past question paper are wrong. This is due to typing errors or mistakes made by the people who solved the answers in your past question.

Check your textbooks for any answers that are giving you second thoughts.

important of studying past questions papers.

There are numerous advantages to studying past questions. We are going to highlight for you the main importance of studying past question papers.

The following are the primary advantages of studying previous question papers.

  • 1. It helps to know what the examination looks like.
  • 2. it assists me in studying for an exam time management for students
  • 3. It sharpens your brain on any topic you want to learn or understand better when reading.
  • 4. It helps you to know how to answer the questions in the examination hall.
  • 5. It provides a sixty percent guarantee that you will pass the subjects.

Past Questions is available both online and offline, purchase or download one to help yourself in this upcoming exam.

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