Outstanding WAEC result, meaning and what you should do.

Outstanding WAEC results, meaning, and release date, check everything you need to know about outstanding WAEC result, the meaning, causes and what you should do if your result is showing outstanding.

There are many issues some candidates may face when checking their WAEC examination results. One of the problems is the issue of outstanding WAEC results, or WAEC results that are outstanding.

Are you among those that received the response that WAEC results are outstanding? Are you looking for a friend or a family member? any case, do not panic.

Many students complain that their WAEC result is showing outstanding when they try to check it, so you are not the only person. You need not to worry as this is not bad news.

In this post, I will be telling you the meaning of an outstanding WAEC result, the causes or reasons why your WAEC result is showing outstanding and what you have to do if your result is showing outstanding.

Also, I will show you other issues some candidates may face when checking their WAEC results and solutions to those issues.

Let’s begin with the reason for the outstanding result.

Do you know what an outstanding WAEC result means? If you know it, you can skip this part, but in case you don’t, let me explain the meaning for you.

meaning of an outstanding WAEC result

From the information provided by WAEC officials through the WAEC official website, an “outstanding” WAEC result simply means a pending WAEC result.

When your WAEC result is outstanding, it only means that the result is still under processing stage. WAEC has not fully processed all the information needed for one reason or another.

In another case, an outstanding WAEC result means your WAEC result for these particular subjects is excellent, making WAEC carry out some investigation to know how you wrote the exam.

In any case, it’s not something to worry about as outstanding WAEC results don’t take much to be released.

Another interesting fact to know if your WAEC result is outstanding is that approximately 80% of WAEC results marked outstanding in any examination season always come out with a credit score.

When WAEC releases outstanding results, it is always a source of joy for the candidates because the result always includes a credit score.

Why is my WAEC result showing an outstanding result (reason)?

As I told you earlier, an outstanding result is not a cancelled or held result; there’s just some reason why WAEC decides to pend your result.

Below are the reasons why your WAEC result is showing an outstanding result when you are checking it.

  • scoring high marks in hard subjects.
  • An error from the examination hall
  • error from the WAEC examination office.
  • scoring an exceptional, excellent result.
  • Due to high scores, WAEC may decide to postpone the release of your results.

As I told you before, if you didn’t indulge in malpractice or none of your fellow candidates from the same exam centre got their results cancelled, do not panic, as they will just release the result when they are done cross-checking it.

Mathematics is one of the subjects they normally outstand due to their high scores.

If the reason for your outstanding result is because of a high mark, you will probably get credit for that subject.

Sometimes, WAEC results are marked as outstanding when there is an error on the part of the candidates during registration or examination.

If such is the case, WAEC will fix the error and release your result for you.

The third reason your WAEC result may be outstanding is an issue from the WAEC server. If the board responsible for result processing couldn’t finish it till the due date, they may outstand the remaining result and release it once they are through.

In any case, you only have to wait and keep on checking it until it is released

What should I do if my WAEC result is outstanding?

If you’re among those whose WAEC results are outstanding, the only thing you need to do is;

  • Keep on checking the results regularly.
  • Follow the update provided by WAEC’s direct official website.
  • ┬ábe checking the news to know when the result will be released.

Actually, the release will not be more than three months as this is not a very big issue.

Other issues that candidates may encounter when reviewing their WAEC results, as well as solutions to those issues

Here’s a list of other issues candidates may encounter when checking their WAEC exam result and the solution to overcome these problems.

There is no result for this candidate in this specific exam season.

Some candidates complain about having no result error message displayed when they want to check their result.

In that case, I recommend you read this article. Here, you will see the meaning of this statement and the solution to tackle it.

Some students also face the issue of WAEC results being held or withheld when they are checking their results. This is a tough issue because the outcome is under probability.

In any case, I have made a post about held or withheld WAEC results, which you can check here.

Click on the link below to know the reason WAEC held your results, how long it will take to be released, and what you should be doing while waiting for your results.

Solution to held and withheld WAEC result

  • cancelled waec result

This is a very big case as a cancelled result cannot be released again.

If you know anyone whose WAEC result has been cancelled, advise the person to register for NECO or GCE as soon as possible.

FAQ about outstanding WAEC results

Let me answer some questions asked by students about outstanding WAEC results.

What is the meaning of an outstanding WAEC result?

An outstanding WAEC result means a pending WAEC result.

When is WAEC going to release my outstanding results?

The date for releasing outstanding WAEC results is not specific, though it will not exceed three months.

As you have read this, if you have any questions concerning WAEC outstanding results or any angle concerning WAEC results, you can ask using the comment section below.

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