poorest states in Nigeria

poorest state in Nigeria

list of the top ten poorest state in Nigeria Base on their average internal revenue.

Nigeria is one of the most developed country in West Africa having a great state like Lagos State which is the centre for commercial activities in West Africa.
Nigeria is a dream country for some people in different parts of Africa as their are numerous developed attractive cities Nigeria.
some of the developed place in Nigeria includes

Lagos State which is the centre for commercial activities in West Africa,
Abuja the federal capital territory of Nigeria and Ogun state the home for industrial companies in Nigeria

despite this high rate of development in some parts of Nigeria, there are still some parts of Nigeria were the high rate of poverty is something to worry about.
some of the factor that made such state poor is due to their

geographical position.
some parts of the Northern Nigeria is poor due to their infertile land and bad climatic condition, some states in Nigeria can not proudly claim the producer of any valuable agricultural goods or industrial goods due to their poor climatic conditions.

political crises and insecurity.
in Nigeria, their are news of insecurity in some places in which the residents of such area can not freely go to farm land or start up a big business due to fear of banditry and kidnappers going on in those areas

poorest state in Nigeria.
here are the list of the top ten poorest state in Nigeria calculating from their average internal revenue generation, this state are

Sokoto State.
sokoto State have a poverty rate of 87.7 percent.
sokoto State is the poorest state in Nigeria, this state is located in the northern part of Nigeria.
there are two reasons for this massive increase in poverty rate in the state which the primary reason is due to its location and bad weather condition in there state.
apart from being the the poorest state in Nigeria, sokoto State have the highest degree of temperature range in Nigeria Nigeria with an average temperature of about 48 degree centigrade, this temperature make it difficult for their land to yield any valuable agricultural products thus making making them to solely rely on others state for food and other products.
another reason that leads to this high rate of poverty in sokoto State is insecurity in the state.
the number of insecurity issue being witnessed in sokoto State is alarming The few wealthy people in the state face the risk of being kidnappes there by relocating to other secure places in Nigeria.

Taraba state.
taraba state is the second in the list of the poorest state in Nigeria.
taraba state is located in the north centre part of Nigeria, the poverty rate in taraba state is estimated to be the same as that of sokoto which is 87.7.
taraba state and sokoto State have many things in common in common this two states is the toughest place to live in Nigeria as you face many issue both natural and political problem.

Jigawa State
jigawa State is the third in the list of the top 5 poorest state in Nigeria.
jigawa State is located in North centre part of Nigeria.
the poverty rate in this state is quite alarming though not as high as that of sokoto and taraba.
jigawa State have a poverty rate of 79 percent making it the third poorest state in Nigeria.

Ebonyi state.
Ebonyi state is located in the south eastern part of Nigeria, this is the poorest state in the south eastern region and the fourth poorest in Nigeria as a whole.
the primary causes of high poverty rate in Ebonyi state is bad government in the state and improper utilization of their resources.
the poverty rate in Ebonyi state is 75 percent, this state is improving recently as the government is trying their best to eradicate any trace of poverty in their state, their previous poverty rate as of 2020 is around 80 percent but this year, it dropped to 75 which shows that if the people work effectively, they can clear their name from the list of poorest state in Nigeria.
some of the effort made by Ebonyi state government to enhance a faster eradication of poverty in Ebonyi state is through providing free education, and agricultural implement, as their land is very reach in agricultural nutrients, they can now boast as one of the chief producer of rice in South eastern part of Nigeria.

Niger State.
Nigeria state is the fifth poorest state in Nigeria, this state is located in the northern part of Nigeria.
Niger State is also the largest state in Nigeria in terms of land area.
their is an increase in the economic development of Niger State recently.
around 2018-2020, Niger State is recognized as the poorest state in Nigeria with high rate of poverty increase but due to federal government effort and also their state government effort, Niger State is displaying a positive growth in their economy.
currently, the poverty rate in niger state is 73 percent.

here are a detailed tabular diagram showing the top ten poorest state in Nigeria

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