R350 grant increase 2022 all you need to know.

R350 grant increase 2022 all you need to know.

early this year, there’s been a news that SASSA grants will increase, if you heard about this and really you want to confirm whether it is true or not, this write up is for you

SASSA beneficiaries have been eagerly waiting for the increase of r350 SASSA grant, check this article for everything things you may need regarding SASSA grant increase this year.

please endeavor to read every part of this article as all the information provided here will be very helpful to all Those who are currently receiving r350 SASSA grant.

R350 grant increase 2022.

south African Social Security Agency “SASSA” has made it clear that there will be a change in social relieve distress “SRD” grants this year.

the change will be an increase in the required monthly income of applicants from r350 to r624.

SASSA explained that the Requirements for SASSA r350 application is no longer a minimum threshold of r350 but r624.

this is due to low number of people qualifying for the Grant, you can apply now even if you have a monthly income of More than r624 or even if you have more than r624 in your bank account.

NOTE: SASSA grant still remains r350 per person per month, the online thing that increased is the Requirements for SASSA grant application.

you can now apply and get approval Even if you have more than r624 in your account but the payment you’re going to receive from SASSA still remains r350.

this explained everything concerning SASSA r350 increase this year.

Is Sassa R350 increased?

there’s an increase in SASSA application Requirements, this means that even with an account balance of more than r350, you can still be qualified for obtaining SASSA grant.

meanwhile, SASSA payment still remains r350 per person per month, it didn’t increase

How much is the SRD grant 2022?

Social relieve distress still remains r350, you are going to receive your r350 if you qualified for SASSA grant this year.

your payment is r350, it didn’t increase or decrease

How much is R350 increased?

r350 was increased to r624, this is almost twice the former amount.

with a threshold of around r624, you can still apply for r350 and get approved.

please, beer in mind that SASSA payment still remains r350, the only thing that increased is the required threshold.

if you have any question concerning SASSA grant increase, you can drop your questions in the comments section Below

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