SASSA cards stolen, how to protect your money and request for a new card

we have received many complain from some people about their SASSA card being stolen,

If your South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) card has been stolen, you should report it as soon as possible so that someone else doesn’t use it. You can tell the Sassa office near you about the theft, or you can call the Sassa Call Centre at 0800 601 011. You will need to provide some personal information and details about the theft in order to have the card cancelled and replaced. Also, you should call the police to report the theft.

How to reset the PIN on a Sassa card

To change the PIN on your Sassa card, call the Sassa Call Center at 0800 601 011. You will be asked for some personal information, like your ID number or the reference number on your Sassa card, to prove who you are. Once your identity has been confirmed, you will get a new PIN that you can use to get your Sassa benefits. To keep your benefits safe, it’s also recommended that you change your PIN as soon as you get it.

how to apply online for a new SASSA card

To apply for a new SASSA card online, go to the SASSA website and follow the instructions there. The steps may be different depending on where you live and what kind of card you want. Most of the time, you will need to give your name, address, and ID number, as well as proof of income or other supporting documents. Before you apply for the card, you should also make sure you qualify for it.

How things work, step by step

Here are the general steps you need to take to apply for a new SASSA card online:

Find the link to apply for a new card on the SASSA website.

  1. If you don’t already have an account, make one.
  2. Sign in to your account and begin the process of applying.
  3. Give all the information about yourself that is asked for, such as your name, ID number, and address.
  4. Upload the supporting documents, like proof of residence or income.
  5. Look over your application and send it in.
  6. Wait for SASSA to look over your request and decide whether or not to grant it.
  7. If you are approved, your new SASSA card will be sent to you in the mail.


It’s important to know that the process for applying for an SASSA card can be different depending on where you live and what kind of card you want. Please check the SASSA website for more information about how to apply in your area.




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