how to score 400 in jamb.


How to score 400 in jamb

It baffles me a lot whenever I meet with Jambites who struggle to score barely high in JAMB. I begin to ask myself, “What is so difficult about JAMB that lots of students struggle with it?” From my findings, I discovered that lots of students are not knowledgeable about how to pass JAMB and pass it very well.

It is not as difficult as most students think. As a result of this, I decided to come up with this write-up which I titled how to score 400 in jamb.

before we proceed, let’s look at the factors that causes low jamb score for students.

there are numerous factors that leads to low jamb score, here we will be focusing on the key factor that causes low jamb score which includes
inadequate preparation and improper twisting of subjects.
inadequate preparation: this is the major causes of failure in jamb, students were expected to prepare very well before the exam, jamb exam is not an ordinary school exam that you write without reading and confidently sit down and wait for a better results

improper twisting of subjects.
this is another major factor that leads to failure or low jamb score.
Some students put for a curse which they can not study, you can’t aim to Engineering when you don’t know anything in physics and mathematics.
let’s continue one the things to do in order to score 400 in jamb.

What to do in order to score 400 in jamb.
jamb question is just an ordinary question about what must have come across while you’re still in school, possibly, you can score 400 in jamb if you follow this following guides.
1. Overcome the fear.
2. set a high Target.
3. Twist Your Subjects perfectly.
4. seek advice from experienced ones.
5. Learn time management.
6. never think of cheating.
7. Be focused and avoid distractions.
8. use of past question.
9. Study smartly.
10. Always test yourself.
11. be ready before the exam day.

how to score 400 in jamb.

Overcome the fear:
fear is the first thing that slows you down from achieving your aim.
jamb is just an ordinary examination, have it in mind that you can do it.. yes, just take it as simple as other external exams that you have been writing (ie WAEC, NECO and GCE) jamb is not an exceptional, apply the courage you applied when preparing for those external exams and you will see a positive Outcome. fear should never be reason that will slow you down from achieving your aim.

set a high Target.
if you really want to score high in jamb, set a high Target.
set a high Target, work hard and be confident you will make it.
if you’re planning on entering a course that have a cut of mark of 250, your aim should be to score More than 270, if you’re planning on entering a course that cut around 290 like medicine and surgery, pharmacy and law, you should be aiming at scoring above 300 in jamb.
set a high Target and work hard to get your target if you really want to score high in jamb

twist your subjects perfectly.
improper twisting of subjects is one of the major reason students repeat jamb for many years without a positive results.
as a student, you know your capabilities, you know the subject you can boast of, you know the subject that gives you problem when dealing with, if you’re planning on writing jamb apply for those subjects that gives you joy, those subject that you understand very well.
don’t choose subjects due to influence of friends, if you’re very good in chemistry, biology and not in physics, it’s better for you to choose a medical course than seeking for a engineering course when you know truely let that you can succeed in engineering course without physics.
before you write jamb, least your favorite Subjects and twist them perfectly if you really want to get a high result.

seek for advice from experienced ones.
if you really want to succeed in your education journey, you need to find a mentor, find someone that have passed those level which are are still trying to reach, your mentor or any experienced person you’re seeking an advice from will tell you the basic things you should know, the perfect way to prepare for jamb and also the requirements you needs for the exam.
find a mentor or seek for advice from an experienced ones when you’re trying to write a jamb, this will really help you to know the basics of that examination and provide you a way to score high marks..

learn time management.
if you’re aiming at scoring high in jamb, learn how to properly utilise your Time.
jamb requires only four subjects, you need to properly specify the Time you will devote to each of this subjects, to achieve this, you have to prepare a timetable which will comprises the time allocation to each of the subjects and also time for house chores if you’re still leaving with your parents.
perfect management of your Time Will definitely leads to an excellent results at the end, if you’re planning on scoring high in jamb examination, you need to perfectly construct your timetable to enable you utilise your Time efficiently.

be focus and avoid distraction.
if you’re planning to write jamb examination, you need to minimize the time you spend on other things that’s not studying, focus mainly on your study and avoid any other things that will give you distraction.

make use of time table.
if you’re preparing for jamb examination, it’s essential for you to finish all the past question in the four subjects you choose to write.
many students find it difficult to read past question but the secret remains this.
all the questions you will see in your jamb examination day must have appeared in your past question though they may change the questions structure,
if you really finished your past questions and understand everything in it.

always test yourself.
you need to test yourself and know your capability when you are preparing for a jamb examination.
the federal ministry of education saw this as an essential thing that should be done before going for any examination, they have brought up jamb monk examination which should be writing by any jamb candidate that wishes to know his or her capability.
this test will expose to you some areas where your not ready, topics and subjects that you should look into before settling for the main examination.
you can also text yourself with past question and answer.
this test will help you to know your speed level and some areas where you still need improvement.

how to test yourself before jamb.
participate in jamb monk examination,
bring out any examination year of your choice and answer the questions in that four subjects that you choose, here you will get to know a score, just compare the score with your aim and know how serious you should be with your studies.

be ready before the exam.
if you’re really planning to write jamb examination, you should be ready before the exam day,

conclusion on how to score 400 in jamb.
this write up was brought to you to tell you the key factors which you should focus on if you really want to score 400 in your jamb.
we are using the number 400 here because it’s the highest score some one can get in jamb, we know it’s hard to pass jamb but if you follow this guide, you will really score high in your jamb examination.

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