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What is ? is an online income platform that is supported in South Africa only and it works collaboratively with jumia shopping mail, whose motive is to make the lives of the young ones (youths) more easier so they could be able to provide their daily needs with the help of their smart phones. website and its features are very interested, they work so hard to make their members gain their trust. Registration is free and you also receive a welcome bonus of R300 and free 12 takes to carry out immediately after registration login & register.

Making money with website is quite easy, you have to be a registered member before you can start making money on their website in many ways.

Once you become a registered member of, you will receive a welcome bonus of R300 and you are allowed to perform the minimum of ten (10) tasks daily to accumulate and earn some cash. You can also make more money by inviting people to the website through your referral link.

  • VIP 1 – Balance: R300, 12 tasks daily.
  • VIP 2 – Balance: R700, 14 tasks daily Earn 25 to 30 daily.
  • VIP 3 – Balance: R1800, 16 tasks daily, Earn 80 to 90 daily.
  • VIP 4 – Balance: R4600, 18 tasks daily, Earn 240 to 250 daily.
  • 5.VIP 5 – Balance: R20000, 20 tasks daily, Earn 1100 to 1200 daily.
  • VIP 6 – Balance: R50000, 22 tasks daily, Earn 3000 to 3300 daily.
  • VIP 7 – Balance: R100,000, 30 tasks daily, Earn 9500 – 10500 daily.
  • VIP 8 – Balance: R200,000, 30 tasks, Earn 23,000 – 24,000 daily. login. Sign up / How to Create an Account on

To simply signup/register on, please follow these steps:

  • go to share-za login arena
  • Click on sign up to join
  • Enter your phone number
  • Type a password
  • Confirm password
  • Enter Invite code (If someone invited you)
  • Click on the golden button that says SIGN UP

This process shouldn’t take long, at most 3 mins.

before logging in, Read the complains and complements from other users.

I am using the jumia platform for a couple months now and I have made a withdrawal before but recently there are no bank account details to make a deposit.. That’s seems a bit weird because it was there a few days ago.. I tried contacting them on whatsapp as it’s the only way you can get any assistance but I haven’t received a reply yet.. The person that I used to contact for information had seemed to disappear as well.. So theres no contact to find out anything.. If anyone has a contact number that I can use to get some resolve I would greatly appreciate it.Please forward it to me.. Thank you in advance.

Date of experience: November 29, 2021


thought cool idea. started to use it. then when it came to withdraw nothing happened. Website down and app is down. luckily i didnt deposit money. no such thing as free money. but they did take other peoples money and stole hopes and dream in this really tough time where people needed hope. People like this prey on hope and then steal from them. Jail is too good for these people.


Date of experience: November 30, 2021


I made a withdrawal recently on the 26th Nov most people were saying you can’t withdraw, I did but the amount never reflected on my bank, I got blocked on their wxp as they’re not responding till today. This may have worked for the past months to others, but it seems like they planned to vanish as soon as we’re approaching holidays. When you deposit they no longer show account numbers as before all that happened on the 26th Nov later that day, I’ve been checking since and there’s no change


Date of experience: November 29, 2021

Jumia (Share-za) Gives you R300 Starting investment to make it easier to reach VIP level 2 in your first month as you only have to invest R400 instead of R700…. All payments have been received so far no questions, to people who say it’s a scam because at the end of 21 Days Jumia takes back their R300 it is not a scam to FORCE you to invest, it is stated on the website, that initial R300 is their way of investing in you to help you grow! No investment place in the world will just hand out free money with no investment from you 🤦🏻‍♀️


Date of experience: November 10, 2021

So far I have concluded that this is an investment site and it is high risk at the end of the day because as a few people have said it can be shutdown but that is no excuse to not plan and safeguard your capital. I also have seen that Jumia has plenty of equities just to through a curve ball at you. Personally I feel the more people are invested and put at least half in what they take out will undoubtedly increase the longevity and stability of the platform. Remember the platform is still in it’s early stages we need to be the parents to raise the child up, on more thing trust in God.


Date of experience: November 22, 2021


1) 16% Tax.. where is the proof. firstly tax is calculated according to what you earn… secondly they dont have your ID number or tax number.. If were legit SARS will tax you another 24%.

2) they say its been around so long… website only created few months ago. Clever as most details of founder hidden. so when it crash, you have no one to sue.

3)Using personal bank details. Other than for tax, it is required as a registered company to use company bank details. You deposit into ” Timothy Jon van rooyen ” acount… and Malatase account. If this company made millions or paid millions dont you think it would have business account.

4) ask questions, ask for proof you get booted, sworn at… now why would that be?

5) they will pay small amounts for now.. till you hooked and deposit the big amounts, Then you wont see it anymore.

6) most reviews that praise it are from ” new people” as is just created accounts… im guessing fake profiles. search them on FB you will see.

7) TK online claiming to be oil industry and a few others are identical… same scammer. Some of the sites have been shut down, people lost millions.


Date of experience: November 15, 2021

Website whois date is hidden. Website hosted in Iceland and ssl certificate is self signed (super dodgy). After contacting them to find out who are the owners they sent pdf’s that claim they are “Jumia share online”, a subsidiary established by Jumia (“Jumia” is legit, not “Jumia share online”) so this is a lie. They claim their CEO is Sacha Poignonnec and Jeremy Hodars. You will find no link between any of them and “Jumia share online” or share-za.

“Jumia share online” has a youtube channel where they rebrand a legit Jumia video to falsely say “Jumia share online” is legit. This same youtube channel has a playlist that promotes miggster and miggster is owned by Crowd1. Crowd1 is a pyramid scheme/scam. Jumia website is legit, well made and properly hosted, this is a piece of crap html design with low res images spreading lies. Do not trust. Your “tasks” in the app seem to be a way for them to buy stuff (most likely fake) and then the orders are linked to you and not them. So if s**t hits the fan then the money trail will not lead to them, instead to you. I know for a fact this is a scam, the only thing to find out is how they make their money if my assumption about these “tasks” are incorrect


Date of experience: November 19, 2021




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