Solution to follow if your SASSA r350 is approved without a payment date.

What to do if your SASSA R350 is approved but there is no date for payment.

A lot of South Africans have been upset about this problem, but there is a solution below.

What to do if Sassa R350 is approved but there is no date for payment

  • Get in touch with SASSA: You can call or email SASSA to find out how your R350 grant is going and when you can expect to get it.

They might be able to give you more information or help you figure out why the delay is happening.

  • Check online: If SASSA has an online portal or a mobile app, you can log in and see where your grant application is in the process.

It might tell you more about when you can expect to get paid.

  • Check your bank account information. Make sure that the information you gave SASSA about your bank account is correct and up-to-date.

If your information is wrong or out of date, it could take longer for you to get paid.

  1. Follow up with your bank. If you haven’t gotten your payment after a few days, contact your bank and ask if SASSA has sent them the money.
  • Visit an SASSA office: If nothing else works, you can go to an SASSA office and ask how your grant application is going.

They will be able to tell you more and help you solve any problems that might be causing the delay.

SASSA approved without SMS, solution to follow.

If you’ve been approved for an SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) payday loan but haven’t received an SMS letting you know, there’s probably a problem with the contact information SASSA has on file.

you should call SASSA directly to find out how your grant is going and to make sure they have the right information about how to reach you.

You can also try checking the status of your grant online through the SASSA website or a mobile app.

If you’re having any issue with your SASSA grant, you can comment below for further assistance.

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