Solution to jamb profile code issue “IN error code is 4012”

solution to jamb profile issue “IN error code is 4012”.

To register for the 2022 UTME, candidates are to create a profile code by sending their NIN to 55019 first. However, we have noticed that some candidates are experiencing some issue in creating their profile code.

This post explains the issues error 4012 and how to resolve it.

please read this clearly to understand it very well.

The issues of error code 4012 in creating jamb profile code is of two types, they almost have the same solution Though.


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here are the two issue experienced by candidates on trying to get their jamb profile code.

  • Insufficient balance. IN error code is 4012
  • IN error code is 4012.


what is the meaning of IN error code 4012 reply from JAMB.

actually all this error code has a meaning, error code 4012 indicates that the server can not use the provided details.

solution of jamb profile code issue insufficient balance. IN error code 4012.

on this issue, there is actually two problems here.

the first one is insufficient balance while the other one is error code 4012.

to solve the issue of insufficient balance, make sure you have at least 100 naira airtime on your account balance.

IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE regarding the issues of error code is 4012

you can not receive your profile code using any bonus airtime Ballance.

when using MTN Sim, load the airtime with *555*, do not recharge with *888* or any other bonus code, definitely, it will not work.

another, make sure you are not owing MTN any airtime.

when using Airtel, make sure you recharge your sim with normal code which is *126*, do not try any bonus code is you are really recharging to get your profile code.

for people using other services like Glo or 9mobile, use the required code, do not load your airtime with any bonus code because definitely, it will not work.

you may have more than 1k airtime in your sim but due to the fact that they don’t make use of bonus airtime, they will still reply you with low balance or insufficient balance.


another Important note: make sure that you are sending the massage with the real Sim card which you are suppose to Use.

if you have two sim card in your phone, you may remove the second sim card or check your setting to confirm the sim that can send massage in your phone. ( I recommend you remove the second sim card if you can’t change it on your setting ) probably, this will solve your issue of low balance or insufficient balance, the only thing remaining if error code 4012.


solution to jamb profile issue IN error code 4012.

as we have stated above, error code 4012 indicates that the server can’t make use of your provided details, here, they are telling you that they can’t use your provided nin to give you the profile code.

there are some reasons for this but let’s proceed to the solution, I will explain better there.

to solve this, follow this guide below.

make sure that you have successfully linked your nin to your line,

by now you should have known what NIN is, Link your nin to your MTN Lin using *346#, for Airtel users, link your nin to your line using *121*1#.

mostly, the main thing is to confirm whether you have successfully linked your nin to your line or not.

you will receive a confirmation massage telling you that you have successfully linked your nin to your line.

if you’re receiving the reply of error 4012 from jamb, make sure your nin was successfully linked to your line, this is the first thing to confirm before checking other issues.


if you’re pretty sure you have successfully linked your nin to your line and you have an airtime Ballance of more than fifty naira which is not a bonus balance, then your problem is just a temporal error

which I will still show you the solutions.


Finally, issues encountered may be as a result

of a temporal issue. It could be due to a poor connection, a network failure, or a technical issue from JAMB.

This means it is not a permanent problem it will stop occurring with time.

So if you experience any of these issues or other ones not mentioned here and you have taken steps to resolve it and it is still reoccurring, we will advise you to give it time and try again.

JAmb Portal is mostly active during the night hours or early morning about 2:30 Am, you can try it during this time.


Still Having Issues Creating A Profile Code?

Let me show you how to contact jamb support portal for help regarding the issues of error 4012 reply when requesting for JAMB profile code.

If you are still having issues after doing all we have stated above, you may need to contact JAMB directly For complaints relating to NIN

you can visit their main website and read all their guide, you may find the solution for error code 4012 there.

visit: click on 2022 NIN related issues

then select the related topic on the drop down.


other issues encountered aside IN error code is 4012 and solutions for it.

here are some other issues candidates encounter apart from this issue of error code 4012,

wrong parameter.

wrong parameter reply simple means: you are not providing the required information or you are using a wrong format.

you can check the solution to wrong parameter here through this kind.

insufficient balance.

I sufficient balance means that your real airtime Balance is less than fifty naira, the only solution to this issue is to load airtime to your sim with the real required code, not bonus code.


FAQ about jamb profile issue error code is 4012 reply.

here are the answers some questions candidates ask regarding the issues of jamb profile code.


I have everything ready but still not receiving my profile code, what do I do?.

if you’re pretty sure the error is coming from jamb portal not from your side, then Wait and apply again in the mid-night, that’s when there’s less traffic to the server, they will reply you positively.


my nin is not up to three months can I use it?

yes you can use even a two days old nin to get your profile code, once other procedure is followed, you will get your code.

nin age is never an issue.


what’s the solution for jamb profile code issue wrong parameter send help to 55019.

if you’re receiving a reply with wrong parameter result passed send help to 55019, simple resend your nin in this format

NIN 1232446424. give small Gap between NIN and the number.

thank you for reading this, if you still have any issue you are currently facing please comment below.

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