solution to reply ” no record found ” when sending NIN to jamb 55019

The use of National Identification Number (NIN) to buy Jamb Form was introduced in 2020.

NIN was Cancelled for 2020 JAMB but has been re-introduced. You need NIN for Jamb 2022.

National Identification Number (NIN) is Compulsory for SIM Card Users in Nigeria (MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9Mobile and Smile). It is also compulsory for Jamb Registration. Get Jamb NIN.

You won’t regret enrolling NIN since it is important for Scholarships application, banks documents, etc. The earlier you register NIN, the lesser the pressure you may face when Jamb registration begins.

how to create jamb profile code.

see the details on how to go about creating your profile code.

let’s assume your NIN is this number below,

this is how to go about it.

‘NIN 00123456789’

Send to 55019 or 66019

Where 00123456789 is your NIN number.

Make sure no mistakes in your NIN number and make sure there is only one space between NIN and Number.

Ensure to have enough airtime and check that your line can send and receive messages.

Make sure your NIN NAME matches the one on the SIM.

Have you linked NIN with your SIM? Do so before sending

Is the NIN number you typed up to 11 Characters (NIN Must be = 11 Characters)

reasons for no record found reply from JAMB after sending NIN to 55019 and 66019.


Record Not Found for the NIN

A few students had received this complaint immediately after requesting the profile codes.

no record found for this NIN reply from JAMB means, the NIN you sent them did not tally with any data in their NIN data base.

make sure you have link your NIN to your sim card before sending them massage.

Steps on How To  find Your JAMB NIN

On the slip given to you or the printout, check very well you will see your National Identification Number. Remember that it’s just an 11 digit number.

Alternatively you can also access your NIN by dialing *346# with the registered sim you used for it. Services charges will be applied of just 200 naira.

Information you will see on your NIN slip :

Title: National Identity Management System, Federal Republic of Nigeria, National Identification Number Slip (NINS).

Tracking ID

NIN: 11 digits number

Issue Date: N/A


First Name

Middle Name



NIN Website, email and call line.

solution to no record found reply from JAMB.

this is simple to solve, firstly, make sure you have linked your nin to your sim card.

check if the number (NIN) you sent was correct. If anything was omitted, correct that. If you put space anywhere after the NIN, remove that.

make sure you sent them your 11 digits nin number, it must be 11 digits, nothing more, nothing less.

this is the steps to follow in order to link your nin to your sim card.

If you have tried everything above and still not getting your profile code, simply get a new sim card and link it with your NIN. Then Use it to Send NIN 00123456789 to 55019.


Dial *785# to link NIN to your MTN Line

Dial *121*1# to link your Glo line

Dial *121*1# to link NIN to Airtel Line

Dial *200*8# to link NIN to 9Mobile Line

Glo: send “UPDATENIN NIN FirstName and LastName” to 109


once you are sure your nin is linked with your sim, chill.

resend them massage within few hours you will receive your profile code but if it’s still the same, try again at night period.

solution to issue of “Your NIN has already been registered with another GSM number”


some candidates sent NIN to Jamb but didn’t get their profile code, instead, Jamb reply them that their NIN had already been registered with another GSM number.

this issue is trackable if you are using your NIN as instructed by government.

in this case, check the nin that’s linked with your sim card and contact the Telecom service your are using whether MTN, Airtel, Glo or any other companies, contact them on Facebook to help you and remove the number from your NIN.


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How to get Jamb Profile code via email.

you can as well try using your email address to create your Jamb profile code if SMS method failed you.

To get your jamb profile code using your email address, kindly send the following information:

1. your name (Surname, First Name And Middle Name)

2. NIN Or NIN Tracking ID

3. Mobile Number For Receiving Code

TO :

Facts About NIN

The National Identification Number (NIN) is only just 11 digits

Having NIN means your information is now with the National Identity Database (NIDB).

NIN is unique, this means no other person can have same with you.

NIN has to do with personal identity.

can I use my parents nin to register for JAmb?


You can not use your parents nin to register for JAMB, nin is a personal property.

If you have any question concerning this topic, please comment below for further assistance

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