Top developed cities in enugu state

cities in enugu state

Here I will be giving you the list of the top five largest city in enugu state but before we continue I would like to give you a small fact about enugu state.
Enugu state is located in the eastern part of Nigeria, enugu state is among the five state of Igbo people in Nigeria, this state was created out from anambra state in the year 1997
Enugu state is among the top 10 most developed State in Nigeria it is well known in Nigeria as one of the most developed state.
This take cover in land mass of about 530 km with an average temperature of 30 degrees centigrade.
Here, I’ll be giving you the list of the top developed cities in enugu state, this city is not enugu state a popular State in Nigeria here are the list of the top 10 developed city in enugu state

Enugu north

Enugu north is the most developed city in Nigeria it is located in enugu state eastern part of Nigeria. This area is the capital of enugu state.
from the olden days, it is one of the most developed area in igboland due to high rate of Commercial activities and availabilities of many industries like Nigeria breweries company, solive industry and inosson .
This city is a tourism center for people from all other parts of Enugu as it have many wonderful places to visit.
As the capital of the state, the Enugu state museum, Zoo, ShopRite and other tourism centre were located in this part.
It also has a very busy market ” ogbete market ” this is among the top ten busiest market in Nigeria.
Traders here deals with all kinds of goods, food stuff, motor and machine part, clothes and many others

Nsukka is the second most developed city in enugu state this city is located at the centre of the State.
nsukka is the centre for financial activities in enugu state, another thing that made Nsukka developed is the university of Nigeria Nsukka, this university is the second University build in Nigeria after university of Nigeria ibaddan
Markets in nsukka
Here are the list of some of the busiest market in Osaka

Orie Orba ( Orba world Bank market). This is the biggest market in enugu state this market is known in the whole Nigeria as people from different part of Nigeria travel there to sell their goods. People from different parts of Nigeria like Kogi, Benue state, Delta State, and Ebonyi state, they sell their Farm product in orie Orba market market.
In some places in this orie Orba Market Traders are wholesalers they buy goods directly from company and sell to retailers

Ikpa main market. This market only deals with food stuff it is the biggest food stuff market in Nsukka

Ogige main market. This market is normally called on socal Modern market traders in this market deals with foreign products like telephone machine parts etc

Obollo market. Obollo affor market is just like Orba modern market though it is not as big as Orba market.

3 Udi
Udi shared border with anambra state
Among all the cities in enugu state, udi have the largest area of land mark.
Udi is one of the biggest cities in enugu state though it’s among the least developed cuties in the states.
Udi people are mostly Farmers as there is availability of farmland.

4 Uzouwanni.
Uzouwanni is one of the most popular cities in Igbo land, in the ancient time, Farmers from different parts of Nigeria lives in uzouwanni as their land is reach in nutrients, they have the best soil for cultivation in Igbo land.
Uzouwanni is the least in the list of developed cities in enugu state.
People living there only focus on farming, this city is the major suppliers of food materials in the state.

Oji river.
The name oji river is originated from the river located at this city the rivers name is “oji river”
This is an interesting city to visit as it contains many tourism sites, there is also a cave located at this area.
Oji river is one of the most developed part of Enugu state, this city is not too far from Enugu north.
The development here is just similar to that of Enugu north as it’s primarily developed due to availability of numerous industries.
Oji river people also engages in agricultural activities.

some interesting places to visit in Enugu state.
Enugu state is one of the best state to live in Nigeria, it’s among the top ten most developed state in Nigeria.
some wealthy people choose to live in this state than Lagos and Abuja as it doesn’t have so many industries that disturb the state unlike Lagos which have industries in almost all parts of the state causing different kinds of pollution.

ehamufu is located in aniri local government area of Enugu state, this is one of the most popular town in the state.
the state was made popular due to availability of many universities like Ehamufu collage of education, university of Nigeria ehamufu

here are the list of some interesting places you should visit in Enugu state

Enugu ShopRite. Enugu state ShopRite is located at Enugu north the capital of Enugu state
Enugu ShopRite is an awesome place to visit in Enugu as it’s the second most beautiful ShopRite in Nigeria after Lagos State ShopRite.
this is a wonderful places to visit.

Ogbunike cave.
ogbunike cave is a cave located in Enugu state.
this place is now a tourism center as people from different parts of Nigeria visit here to explore the cave.
ogbunike cave is a wonderful rock with many rooms inside, it has passage that leads from one room to another, some people may things that the room is man made but everything in the cave is natural.

Enugu state zoological department.

there is a zoo located in abakpa side of Enugu state.
this is also another awesome place to visit in Enugu state as the zoologist here reserve some rear animals like lion, elephant and other animals which you can hardly see elsewhere.

university of Nigeria Nsukka

Enugu state centre museum.

oji river

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