Traditional marriage system in Yoruba land

Traditional marriage system in Yoruba land

Traditional marriage ceremony in Yoruba land, How it is done, preparation and procedure.

Do you know how Yoruba traditional marriages are being celebrated?

We will explain in detyail to you, everything you need to know about the traditional marriage system in Yoruba land.

A marriage ceremony is a joyful ceremony celebrated all over the world.

It is a sweet day for the couple as they end their current lives and start a new family of their own, different tribes in the world have their own traditional marriage procedures

In this article, we focus on the traditional marriage system in Yoruba land

There are many things to consider when preparing for a traditional marriage in Yoruba land.

Preparation for Traditional marriage  in Yoruba land

Before you begin the marriage, you should be aware of your financial situation and plan your ceremony for the best date for you.

You should also consider your sociability statistics to determine how many people will attend your event and how many items you will purchase

The traditional marriage system in Yoruba land requires the following as bride price:

  • 42 Big Tubers of Yam.
  • 42 “Big Cola Nuts
  • 42 Big Bitter Cola (Orogbo)
  • 42 Pieces of Dry Fish
  • 42 Pieces of Alligator Pepper (Ata’re)
  • Two bottles of honey
  • two pairs of shoes and two bags
  • 2 scarves
  • 1 Watch ( wrist watch)
  • 1 Bible or Qu’ran.
  • 1 ring for engagement
  • 1 large suitcase
  • 1 Aso-Oke (Traditional Aso-Oke)
  • 1 big dish of ‘Aadun’
  • 1 pound of salt
  • 1 pound of sugar
  • 1 umbrella.


Events on the marriage day

See how the occasion normally takes place in Yoruba land.

  • Arrival

On the marriage day, the groom will arrive with his friends and dance to his in-laws’ canopy to greet them.

The groom and his friends will lay down and greet them.

During this stage, they will display a few sorts of funny drama. The in-laws may ask him to sing or march like a soldier.

After this arriving procedure is repeated three times, the wife’s family will bless the boy, and he will proceed to his people’s canopy.

  • proposal and agreement.

After the arrival of the groom, the customary procedure will be completed. The next stage will be the proposal from the groom’s family.

The groom’s family will bring out a proposal letter, which should be ready for the hearing of everyone. This letter will then be hung in the house of the bride. This will be followed by the acceptance/approval letter, which the bride’s family will present to the groom’s family to show that they approved the marriage proposal

  • the bride’s arrival.

The bride will arrive, cover her face with a white transparent veil, and proceed to her parents. She will postrate to her parents, stand up, and her family will then pray for her.

The bride will then move to the groom’s family and postrate to them. The family will bless her

The bride will then be asked to go to the Eru Iyawo section, which is a small place set aside and decorated. The bride will be asked to pick one of the items brought to pay the bride price.

Normally, the bride is to pick up a Bible or Quran depending on her religion. The bride will then move to the husband and her husband will insert a ring on her finger at this point,The full party will begin.

  • Cutting the cake

There must be a special cake prepared for any Yoruba traditional marriage.

At this stage, the couple will cut the cake in an amazing style.

The organizer will slide a knife on the cake, and the bride will hold the cake. The groom will place his hand on the bride’s hand.

The organizer will ask them a few questions like the number of kids they wish to give birth to, the gender of their first born, etc. They will then cut the cake into two,

  • Payment of the bride price

This is the most essential time in the traditional marriage system in Yoruba land.

This stage marks the conclusion of the marriage. There is no specific price that you will be billed to pay, but if you bring any amount that is below your financial ability, the bride’s family will reject it.

In the traditional marriage system in Yoruba land, the bride price for the poor ranges from 10 thousand to 30 thousand.

For the middle classes, it ranges from 30 thousand to 100 thousand.

For rich people, it can be anything from 100 thousand to any amount you want.



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