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unifi loans, everything you need to know.

unifi loan take smarter, easier, and faster secured lending solutions to underserved markets across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fast, simple personal loans

unifi credit offers loan to their clients in South Africa, Zambia, and Uganda.

if you’re interested in borrowing loan from this company, the procedure is easy simple and faster than other loan companies.

unifi offer fast, simple personal loans to formally employed people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

for clients in South Africa, you can borrow loan from this company through their official website, other countries have a branches where you can get this.

unifi loans can be accessed through their branches in Zambia and Uganda, and online in South Africa.

Zambian clients can also apply for a Unifi loan via our USSD app or at Pep stores nationwide.

if you’re interested in borrowing loan from this company, check below to see the procedure, Requirements and other important things you may need concerning unifi loans.


unifi loan Requirements and qualifications.

before you can be eligible for getting loan from unifi, below are the requirements you need to know.

These Loan Rules should be read together with the Loan Contract signed by a borrower when taking out a loan. “Borrower” means you the individual borrowing money from Unifi.

entering into a loan contract with Unifi, you declares that:

the details you provided to the company, that’s your name, account details and others are correct.

unifi may run a verification test to confirm whether the details you provided is truly correct, if your details are not correct, you can not borrow a loan from this company.

as you have known this, check other important things below.

just like other loan companies, you should try and keep up with your agreement with unifi , the loan should not exceed the deadline, Repayment details in the loan schedule should be same as those explained prior to signing.

Loans from Unifi must be settled by the agreed date.

if you didn’t settle your unifi debt, this may result to these following issues below

Arrears interest charges may rise up

Bank direct debits/payroll collections: unifi may withdraw the money directly from your bank account if your account balance is enough to settle The loan

Delinquency listing on credit reference bureau

Legal action may also be applied if you don’t pay back your loan.

NOTE: any additional fee or expenses made in the process of recovering a loan from a users will be on the users head.

Any fees arising from the above will be for the account of the borrower


Unifi has the right to refer your credit information, whether positive or negative, to the Credit Reference Bureau. Unifi cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise from submitting borrower information to the Bureau.



by borrowing a loan from unifi, you gives Unifi the authority to withdraw from your bank account (or any other bank to which you may transfer your account), all instalments due to Unifi on any loan granted to the borrower, or any amount that may be in arrears in respect of such loans).


In the event of there being insufficient funds available when a deduction is requested from your account, you agrees that Unifi may remaining balance to partly settle some of the fund.

in case of any bank charges during the transition, the charges will be on the borrower side.

unifi loans company will not pay for any bank charges that may arise when you’re repaying your borrowed loan.

as you have known this, check below to see how to borrow a loan from unifi credit company

unifi loans contact details

for queries regarding this loan company, below are all their contact details, phone number, email address and website address.

you can send an email or call their customer service agent if you need any help concerning borrowing a loan from unifi credit.

unifi loans phone number.

in case you want to call their agent, below is the number you can use to get them.

make your questions brief and make sure you are calling for a reasonable issue related to the company.

below are the phone number to call if you need anything.

call +27 21 110 0600 Loan Enquiries.

you can also call this number below for corporate enquires

+27 21 111 0888.

in case you couldn’t speak with their customer service agent using the contact details above, you can also send an email to them using this email address below.

clientcare@za.unifi.credit – Loan Enquiries

+27 21 111 0888 – Corporate Enquiries

info@unifi.credit – Corporate Enquiries


in case you have a serious issue that requires you to meet with the company agent face to face, you can check the address below

Level 2 Block A, The Vineyard, 1 Devon Valley Rd, Stellenbosch, WC, South Africa.

How to apply for a Unifi Loan.

if you’re interested in getting a loan from unifi, below are the procedure for online and offline application

In order to qualify for a Unifi loan, you first have to:

Have a good credit score: this is the major requirements for getting a loan from unifi.


you need to meet up with the minimum age requirement


unifi may require to see your bank statement, Provide your latest three months bank statements and/or payslip


you must be a South African with a valid South African Identification number “ID” or a Ugandan or Zambian.


Provide proof of address, your must provide a proof of your address before you can be eligible for getting a loan from unifi.

once you meet up with these requirements, you are now eligible for getting a loan.


if you meet up with the requirements for getting a loan from unifi credit company, you can check below for a step by step procedure on how to borrow a loan from unifi.


click below to start with the online application,


You will key in your ID number and create a strong password

there is a form you need to fill, Complete the Unifi loan application form online and

Attach all the necessary documents i.e your three recent bank statements or payslips

if you are qualified for the loan, The results of your application will be made known to you immediately after applying.


How to apply for a loan without security

before getting started, Make sure you qualify for a Unifi loan

If you’re formally employed, have a bank account into which your salary is paid and get payslips, you could qualify for a loan without security.

Visit your nearest Unifi branch with the necessary documents and Complete a quick loan application

Walk out with cash if your loan application is successful

If your loan application is successful, you’ll get cash in hand

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