what to do if your SASSA status is approved but no SMS 2023.

what to do if your SASSA status is approved but no SMS 2022.

another issue that have been delaying some people from receiving their r350 SASSA grant is due to no SMS received from SASSA.

as you all know, you can not receive your r350 SASSA grant until you get the SMS first.

if you’re among those whose r350 SASSA grant is approved but you’re yet to receive it due to the issue of SMS, below is the reason for not receiving this SMS and also the possible solutions to follow in order to resolve this and get your money

please endeavor to read till the end as all the information provided here will be helpful to anyone whose SASSA status is approved but no SMS is received

reasons why your SASSA status is approved but no SMS?

There could be several reasons why your SASSA status shows as approved but you haven’t received an SMS notification:

  1. Technical issues: There might be technical problems with the SASSA system that are preventing the SMS from being sent.
  2. Incorrect phone number: If the phone number on file with SASSA is incorrect, you won’t receive an SMS notification.
  3. Delayed processing: Sometimes it may take a few days for the SMS to be sent after your SASSA status has been approved.
  4. Network issues: If there are issues with the mobile network or your phone, you may not receive the SMS.
  5. Lost or stolen phone: If your phone has been lost or stolen, you won’t receive the SMS until you get a new phone and update your contact details with SASSA.

There could be other reasons for this issue.

Below, you will get to see what you need to do in order to resolve this.

what to do if SASSA status is approved but no SMS in 2023

If your SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) status has been approved but you have not received an SMS (Short Message Service) notification, there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  1. Check your phone number: Ensure that the phone number you provided to SASSA is correct and that your phone is in working condition. If you have changed your phone number, you need to inform SASSA of the new number.
  2. Wait for a few days: Sometimes, it can take a few days for the SMS to arrive, so be patient and wait for a few days before taking any further action.
  3. Contact SASSA: If you still haven’t received the SMS after a few days, you can contact SASSA directly. You can call their toll-free number (0800 60 10 11) or visit one of their offices. When you contact SASSA, be sure to have your SASSA reference number handy. They will be able to confirm if your status has been approved and if there is any problem with the SMS notification.
  4. Check with your network service provider: Sometimes, SMS messages can get delayed or fail to be delivered due to network issues. You can check with your network service provider to see if there are any issues on their end.
  5. Check for updates on SASSA’s website or social media: SASSA may have posted updates or information about any SMS delivery issues on their website or social media accounts.

If you are still having trouble receiving your SMS notification from SASSA, it is best to follow up with them directly to resolve the issue

mismatch in the details provided in your SASSA profile and your bank account details will delay your Grant’s arrival.

you need to change or update your banking details while waiting for sassa to process your transaction.

in case you are finding it difficult to receive your SASSA grant SMS, SASSA urges beneficiaries to use their bank accounts as their payment methods to receive their money than the post office option

Do you have to wait for an SMS for SASSA?

Yes, you must receive an SMS first

If there is no SMS, it means that the grant is not available for collection yet. This SMS would tell the beneficiary that their SRD grant is ready to be collected

Before SRD grant beneficiaries fetch their R350 grants, they first need to have received an SMS.

if you’re still finding it difficult in receiving your SASSA grant, comment below with your issues for further assistance

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