Why is JAMB not sending my profile code ( reason and solution )

Why is Jamb not sending my profile code, what’s the reason for not receiving my profile code from jamb office?.


What is the Jamb profile code?


The jamb profile code is a code sent to you by the JAMB board confirming that your indentation is verified.


This profile code will be sent to you when you send a text message to the jamb board requesting your code.


The message you send must contain a valid national identification number (NID). This is the item needed by Jamb to verify your identity.


What is the JMB profile code used for?


The 10-character you receive as a reply from Jamb, which is your Jamb profile code, is used to register your name, nin, and other important data Jamb needs from you. They use the message you sent them to verify your identity. After the verification, they will send you a code, which is your verification code.


The profile code is primarily used for identity verification.


Why is Jamb not sending my profile code?


The problem of not receiving your profile code may be from the jamb people, not you.


Here are some of the reasons why Jamb is not sending your profile code.


  • insufficient balance.


The airtime balance on your phone is less than the recommended amount.


Receiving your jamb profile code costs fifty naira per SMS. You must have a minimum of fifty naira before sending any message to the jamb board.


  • wrong parameters.


Wrong parameter response simply means that you entered incorrect data or used the incorrect format.

This is how to send it. [ NIN 1234514262 ]

  • using a sim card that’s not linked with nin.


You must use a verified sim card to send a message to JAMB when requesting your profile code.


  • using a sim card that’s already used by another candidate.


Similarly, you cannot obtain two codes with a single SIM card.


Here are some of the problems encountered when trying to receive the JAMB profile code.



  • If after sending the text, you receive the wrong parameter as feedback, it simply means you are sending the wrong data or in the wrong way (incorect format).


  • After sending the text and getting the jamb reply, insufficient balance, it simply means your airtime balance is less than 50 naira.


After sending the text, I received no record found. This means the Sim card is not yet linked with a nin


If you can’t receive your jamb profile code, check the solution below.

Why is Jamb not sending my profile code?

procedure to follow in order to receive my JAMB file code.

You should note that previously used numbers for JAMB registrations can only be re-used by the same candidate (not another candidate) to get the profile code.


A previously used number is a GSM telephone number or sim card used for profile code creation, profile code vending, and registration in previous registration exercises. This can be used for the 2022 registration only by the same candidate.


The candidate who is using his/her previous number for the second or third time will use the same profile code to purchase the new e-PIN.


If the profile code has been forgotten, the candidate can send the message just like a new candidate. They will resend your details to you.


In other words, the old profile code can be used by the same candidate to procure the new e-PIN. No new profile code is required.


A candidate cannot change names by using CORRECT on this existing number as this profile is already tied to the existing number (typically done before registration).



using new numbers to receive my jamb profile code.


New numbers will follow the normal pattern of getting the profile code.


Here are steps to follow if you are trying to receive your jamb profile code with a new number.


Candidates will be able to register as normal by sending their National Identification Number by text (SMS) to 55019 or 66019 from their personal GSM numbers. You are only required to provide the eleven-digit number and nothing else.


In this format, write the word “NIN”, then space and add your 11-digit NIN number and send it as a text message to 55019 or 66019 in this format (NIN 00121116789). There should be a space between the word “NIN” and your 11-digit NIN. Then send it and receive your profile code within a few seconds. (Note that another person must not have used the number to register for it in the past. Do not use postpaid or special bundle SIM cards when sending messages. They don’t work unless specially loaded with airtime.


To retrieve a lost profile code, send the same message you’re using when trying to get the profile code for the first time. to 55019 or 66019 as a text message from the same mobile number.


In order to reset your lost or forgotten profile password on your registered cell phone, send a text message to 55019 or 66019. In the text message, you need to include your name and email address.


How to Recover My Lost Jamb Profile Code After Payment



If your jamb profile code is not received or lost, send [UTMEPIN] or [DEPIN] to 55019 or 66019 for UTME or DE, respectively, from the unique number


The code would then be retrieved and delivered to the candidate’s unique number.


After successful payment and obtaining the jamb profile code, a candidate should proceed to any of the accredited CBT centres to complete his/her registration.

If you have any question concerning JAMB examinatoin profile code, comment below.

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